PwC, Cognite and OutSystems deliver digital transformation for energy, manufacturing, and utility

PwC, Cognite, and OutSystems have formed a strategic partnership to deliver unprecedented digital transformation solutions for manufacturing, energy and utility customers.

The partnership empowers industrial data scientists and engineers to operationalise data and develop applications by abstracting complex data pipelines, data contextualisation, and application development tasks.

The new partnership will allow companies to go from idea to application in a matter of weeks instead of years using Cognite Data Fusion (CDF), a proven world-leading, industrially focused data operations platform, the OutSystems leading low-code development platform, and PwC‘s change management and digital strategies to operate and scale. The time savings is a result of using low-code application development capabilities to integrate contextualised data to solve real problems.

The first project for the trio of companies is already in motion through the PwC Energy Experience Center in Norway where Cognite, OutSystems, and PwC serve a common manufacturing customer Aarbakke.

“Aarbakke relies on operators’ skill and domain knowledge to drive operations, and this application helps deliver data to them to increase visibility and improve decision making,” said Rolf Thu, IT and Smartfactory R&D manager at Aarbakke.

“With readily available contextualised data from Cognite Data Fusion and the speed of app development enabled by the OutSystems platform, PwC’s developers have been able to rapidly build and deploy this solution.”

“PwC is in the business of helping businesses succeed with change and workplaces of the future, and we are committed to partnering with technology platform leaders in the industry,” said Eirik Rasmussen, partner and leader of the Energy Experience Center. “With this partnership, we are uniquely positioned to solve manufacturing, energy, and utility challenges.”

“We’re looking forward to joining PwC, Cognite and other industry leaders to help customers take their businesses to the next level,” said Peter Dunlap, vice president of channels and alliances with OutSystems.

“The agreement extends the company’s longstanding partnership with PwC, which has helped customers in many industries build powerful business apps. Transforming these industries using technology and innovation will be so important to so many people, and this partnership is uniquely positioned to drive value for these customers.”

“Working with OutSystems and PwC is an excellent opportunity for us to deliver value by playing to each of our strengths,” said Dr. John Markus Lervik, CEO and co-founder of Cognite.

“We liberate and contextualise OT, IT and visual data, OutSystems leads in helping companies rapidly develop their applications and integrate them with CDF as unified data source, and PwC provides the expertise and consultancy for change management. The process from strategy to scalable innovation and value realisation is accelerated by working together as partners.”

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