Iguazio partners with NetApp to simplify data science and bring AI to the masses

Iguazio, the data science platform for real-time machine learning applications, announced a strategic partnership with NetApp that provides enterprises with a simple, end-to-end solution for developing, deploying and managing AI applications at scale and in real-time on top of the ONTAP AI framework.

Despite the great promise of AI for business applications, many data science projects fail to create business value. In fact, according to Gartner, 85 percent of data science projects fall short of expectations.

One of the reasons is that model creation is just the first step, while moving working models into a production environment introduces a whole set of complexities, such as handling data at scale, working in hybrid environments, and harnessing real-time data for predictive applications.

Businesses can overcome these challenges by working in a production-ready environment, with a simplified infrastructure that enables them to focus on creating business value.

Iguazio’s data science platform provides end-to-end machine learning pipeline automation, coupled with performance & scale, enabling real-time machine learning (ML) applications. It introduces a fresh approach to simplifying MLOps and enabling enterprises to deploy their AI projects quickly and seamlessly.

Iguazio’s integration with NetApp ONTAP AI leverages enterprise grade data management, data versioning and NetApp Cloud Volumes for a seamless hybrid cloud experience. It is also fully compatible with KubeFlow 1.0, offering a managed KubeFlow solution for enterprises.

The platform tightly integrates with NVIDIA DGX, allowing customers to utilize GPU-as-a-Service and NGC containers, making more efficient use of computational resources, saving costs and reducing infrastructure complexities.

The solution automates pipelines across machine learning, deep learning and data analytics. The end result is a scalable way of processing data and computation.

“Iguazio’s solution enables our customers to benefit from an end-to-end data science platform that supports real-time ML applications at peak performance,” said Santosh Rao, Head of AI/ML/DL Platform at NetApp. “NetApp is committed to simplifying MLOps for enterprises, allowing data scientists to run AI at scale with a simple, one-click deployment methodology.”

Asaf Somekh, Co-Founder and CEO of Iguazio, added, “We are delighted to partner with NetApp, and to be working together on some of the most exciting and cutting edge AI projects. We’re looking forward to bringing our joint solution to enterprises that are currently struggling to bring their data science to life.”

Insight Enterprises, a Fortune 500-ranked global provider of Digital Innovation, Cloud + Data Center Transformation, Connected Workforce, and Supply Chain Optimization solutions and services, has partnered with NetApp and Iguazio to provide their joint solution to their customers worldwide.

“Platform modernization is foundational to business transformation,” said Juan Orandini, Chief Architect at Insight, Cloud + Data Center Transformation.

“The end-to-end fusion of compute, storage, networking, and software platforms required for AI workloads dictates the need to assess best-fit platforms. Iguazio’s integration with NetApp ONTAP AI, coupled with Insight’s platform transformation services, simplifies time to production and overall business value.”

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