King & Union augments its Avalon Cyber Analysis Platform with threat intelligence services

King & Union launched a suite of new service offerings to augment its Avalon Cyber Analysis Platform and help customers address the human aspect of threat intelligence operations, bridging common gaps that many security teams face.

Successful threat intelligence programs require more than the consumption of data, they require the right balance of program strategy, tools, and human analysts.

“With the introduction of new services, King & Union is recognizing the critical human component of efficient threat intelligence operations. Threat intelligence analysts are hard to find and even harder to keep.

“This is one area within the security services market that has been underserved until now. Given the collaboration analysis platform we provide in Avalon, with immediate access to the best threat intelligence available from our partners, we can deliver a custom cyber threat intelligence capability at the fraction of the cost to build your own team.

“The solution integrates tools and experts to support threat intelligence teams of any size or maturity level, in both the commercial and Government sectors,” said King & Union CEO and founder John Cassidy.

King & Union: Culper Group

Headquartered in Old Town Alexandria, VA in a 1790’s warehouse once owned by relatives of George Washington, King & Union decided to draw on history in naming its new Service division, Culper Group.

The Culper Ring was Washington’s spy ring, designed to gather pieces of information that, when taken together, provided valuable strategic insight to Washington and the military leadership of the American Revolution.

The Culper name speaks to the central truth about what King & Union does, which is to enable true collaboration via the Avalon Cyber Analysis Platform, helping analysts work together in a meaningful way to solve critical issues more efficiently than ever before.

King & Union – Culper Group has four offerings, ranging from short-term on-demand support to fully managed:

  • Analyst on-demand, an intelligence force that provides immediate tactical support to investigations on an ad hoc basis directly within Avalon workspaces.
  • Culper extended analyst augments team bandwidth and expertise on a monthly basis to support surge requirements or backfill analyst vacancies.
  • Culper tailored intelligence provides ongoing analyst support along with tailored selection of relevant, premium intelligence sources that correspond to an identified threat model and budget.
  • Culper managed threat intelligence designs and implements intelligence management foundations (stakeholder, threat model, and intel requirement identification) along with ongoing analyst support and tailored premium intelligence.

The company also announced the appointment of Jerry Nguyen to the newly created position of Vice President, Culper Group, reporting directly to Chief Strategy Officer, Doug Helton.

Nguyen joins King & Union from Herjavec Group, where he led the Threat Management and Incident Response team, with accountability for Herjavec Group’s Incident Response, Threat Hunting, and Vulnerability Management services.

During his career Nguyen has built industry respected consulting teams and offerings at companies such as Mandiant and Crowdstrike and during his career in the US Marine Corp, led the Marine Corp Computer Emergency Response Team.

“Very few security organizations can properly calibrate their tools, people, and processes to an ideal state. Enterprises increasingly rely on trusted partners for everything from the perimeter to incident response and SOC-centric services.

“Until now, they have been on their own when it comes to threat intelligence, no matter the size or operational maturity of their teams. King & Union has identified a gap in the market and I’m excited about the ways in which these services can solve real problems for customers,” said Jerry Nguyen, King & Union, VP of Culper Group.

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