N4Stack unveils Azure Service Tiles ensuring customers and easier move to the cloud

N4Stack, the division of Node4 which brings together the database, DevOps and cloud practices to provide a range of enterprise consulting and managed services, has announced the launch of Azure Service Tiles.

This new product suite will allow customers that are both new to Azure, and those that have already begun their move to the cloud, to have a smooth transition and a best practice approach to adopting Azure in-line with the Microsoft Cloud Adoption Framework (CAF).

Driven by customer demand, Node4’s Azure Service Tiles are designed to overcome the challenges customers face when adopting Azure, making the process easier and more cohesive.

The Azure Service Tiles suite is made up of 12 different services – ranging from consultancy through to managed services – and is aligned with the CAF to ensure that customers are adopting best practices.

This process has seen the development of new capabilities such as governance design, modernisation consulting, a DevOps Site Reliability Engineering managed service and a range of automated templates.

Because of this, it is one of the only end-to-end service portfolios globally that can aid in the adoption of Azure CAF, no matter how far along the process a customer is.

“With Node4’s Azure Service Tiles we have adopted a modern DevOps approach in Microsoft Azure whilst being able to launch and go to market with a new application,” commented Andrew Sedcole, CEO at Whitespace Software.

“Our key goals for our project are to accelerate and modernise our operations in Azure, whilst ensuring that we sustain high levels of governance and mission critical service availability. The N4Stack team have supported us through the whole adoption process and we are able to rely on the team for the critical support of the platform.

“With Azure Service Tiles, we value the expertise across the Azure, DevOps and Data teams and the continual focus on governance improvement to ensure we retain control whilst optimising the platform.”

The product suite looks after the customer from early strategy planning, assists with the migration and provides in-life management, all while considering governance and compliance. New customers can get access to a range of DevOps templates that provide customers with a rapid build and achieves a high level of maturity within a week.

Additionally, customers who are already operating in Azure but have not implemented services in-line with best practices are also able to do a gap analysis and use the services to move back into the Microsoft assured framework model.

“It’s important that we listen to customer demand and consistently update our portfolio of services,” commented Andrew Slater, Director at N4Stack.

“With the current global challenges, customers are having to scale projects quickly in Azure both up to address demand peaks and down to save costs. Azure Service Tiles provides approaches with baked-in governance and automation to ensure that no matter what the challenge they can take action quickly without compromises and stay in control, supported by a team of experts.”

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