Quest Software announces new KACE offerings for endpoint management

Quest Software, a global systems management, data protection and security software provider, announced new feature updates for several of its KACE solution offerings.

KACE, a solution-set available from the Quest Unified Endpoint Management business, empower organizations to take control of their network-connected devices and automate endpoint management tasks to ensure license compliance and a secure network.

The newest KACE offerings include KACE Systems Management Appliance (SMA) 10.2, KACE Cloud Mobile Device Manager (MDM), and KACE Systems Deployment Appliance (SDA) 7.2.

As new devices continue to proliferate company networks, the complexity to manage and secure multiplatform environments and endpoint device management increases. The newest release of KACE SMA further supports IT teams’ ability to manage their business instead of managing multiple disparate management systems.

Updates include new Chromebook management enhancements and new built-in Windows 10 feature additions for easy device upgrades to the latest semi-annual releases, which are detected and deployed in a manner like patching.

Also, end users can increase productivity by allowing parent tickets to pass information to child tickets in a process workflow and empower users to easily “snooze” patching directly from the KACE system tray utility.

“IT teams are facing mounting pressure as businesses work to unify their approach to endpoint management to ensure a strong security footprint across the organization,” said Ken Galvin, Senior Product Manager, Quest KACE.

“To protect against today’s emerging threat vectors, businesses need an all-encompassing solution to manage, secure, and service all connected network devices, and one that automates and streamlines the IT asset management process for IT administrators.

“The newest capabilities available in the KACE SMA, KACE Cloud MDM, and KACE SDA offerings reinforce our commitment to providing end-to-end software solutions that give IT teams complete visibility into the endpoints to ensure security and compliance requirements are met.”

“The KACE solution is really like a multi-toolkit in that instead of pliers and screwdrivers, I have robust IT management and scripting capabilities,” said Sam Chevalier, Systems Analyst, Yale University.

“With KACE, I can track down how many of my devices are running a particular software. One of the features I think is really cool is having the ability to see a catalog of all the devices. This capability saves me a lot of time in tracking devices across the network.”

The newest release of KACE Cloud MDM further simplifies mobile endpoint management with automated capabilities that allow IT admins to keep managed mobile apps current without requiring the end user to configure.

IT teams can update application versions and push them to devices. New Apple TV support provides administrators the ability to securely and consistently manage those devices, and brings the addition of tvOS enrollment capabilities when setting up Apple TVs for school or business.

The new release of KACE SDA offers a fast, automated way for IT teams to execute large-scale system deployment upgrades across multiple remote sites, saving an enormous amount of time.

Additionally, new provisioning packages can be managed as Post-Installation tasks, allowing for custom configuration sets to be deployed along with other tasks. This reduces operational costs while ensuring connected systems remain up to date and secure.

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