Adaptiva OneSite Intune Edition: Delivering software to thousands of endpoints with speed and scale

Adaptiva, a leading, global provider of endpoint management and security solutions for enterprise customers, announced the groundbreaking Adaptiva OneSite Intune Edition.

This new product makes Adaptiva the first and only third-party software delivery system for Microsoft Intune, enabling Intune to scale to hundreds of thousands of endpoints per enterprise.

This single-download solution dramatically speeds software deployment, increases distribution reliability, and reduces network impact by leveraging Adaptiva’s industry-leading peer-to-peer technology. OneSite Intune Edition also eliminates the necessity for additional infrastructure, such as in-network cache servers (DOINC) or connected cache servers.

OneSite Intune Edition also debuts Adaptiva’s integration with all layers of the Azure storage stack, from Azure Blob to Azure Content Delivery Network (CDN), allowing large enterprises to take advantage of Microsoft’s massive investments in elastic cloud infrastructure.

The debut of OneSite Intune Edition is particularly timely as enterprises worldwide look to adapt to a remote workforce as a result of COVID-19. With large numbers of employees suddenly connecting to corporate networks remotely via a VPN, there has been a tremendous strain on networks, prompting companies to accelerate their digital transformation plans. Yet, until now, enterprises faced significant hurdles in shifting to the cloud.

“Adaptiva OneSite Intune Edition is a game changer for enterprises that want to move to modern management,” said Deepak Kumar, Adaptiva founder and CEO.

“Until now, if an enterprise had 30,000 machines and was running Intune, it was faced with 30,000 software downloads, which is costly on several fronts. Adaptiva is the only company to succeed in removing this barrier with a highly scalable, reliable single-download solution.”

Adaptiva’s peer-to-peer distribution system automatically adapts to network constraints in order to guarantee rapid, secure delivery that doesn’t compromise performance.

Additionally, software distribution is dynamically managed by OneSite, enabling enterprises to automate manual tasks. The end result is successful content delivery without disrupting business processes at a speed and scale previously unattainable.

Available now, OneSite Intune Edition uniquely features:

  • Predictive bandwidth harvesting to prioritize business traffic by intelligently harvesting unused bandwidth on the WAN.
  • Flow equalizer to prevent network spikes and safely deliver content at maximum speed.
  • LiveFlow to provide complete visibility and control for content transfers.
  • Virtual SAN to offer automated, intelligent content caching.
  • Memory pipeline architecture to ensure fault-tolerant delivery.

“The speed at which organizations are able to respond to problems and non-compliant systems has a direct impact on enterprise IT reliability, security and ability to support business requirements,” noted Steve Brasen, research director with IT industry analyst firm Enterprise Management Associates.

“While incident response is often hampered by network and system limitations, Adaptiva’s elegant solution bypasses traditional bottlenecks by leveraging peer-to-peer content distribution enhanced by WAN optimization technologies. This allows an organization to rapidly and proactively resolve issues before they impact business operations.”

The effectiveness of Adaptiva OneSite’s single-download solution has been proven in enterprise environments that manage more than 450,000 endpoints. It has been trusted by many of today’s leading Fortune 1000 organizations.

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