Fuze 6 platform delivers enhanced user, admin, and contact center experiences across organizations

Fuze, the leading cloud-based communications provider for the modern global enterprise, announced the launch of the Fuze 6 platform, delivering enhanced user, administrator, and contact center experiences across organizations.

Fuze 6 enables organizations to more effectively adapt to the demands of an increasingly distributed workforce and scale enterprise communications through periods of rapid growth, empowering users with more secure and integrated experiences across desktop, web, or mobile.

“As business leaders navigate an expanded distributed workforce, secure and resilient communication and collaboration tools are critical to maintain business continuity,” said Jed Brown, senior vice president of product and design at Fuze.

“Many decision-makers have been forced to digitally transform their businesses practically overnight. At Fuze, we are continuously innovating to make sure our technology not only meets enterprises where they are on their digital transformation journey, but also provides a secure, scalable, and integrated experience to compete in the rapidly evolving digital economy.”

Resiliency and scale

Updates to the backend services architecture enhances monitoring, intelligent routing, and capacity management. This ensures the best experience for users across calling and meeting use cases on mobile, native desktop, and web clients.

Updates to the admin experience further simplify adding new users and guests, as well as adjusting the service entitlements for existing users, enabling customers to quickly scale as the demands of their organization shift.

Since the start of this global crisis, Fuze has seen >300% increase in key meetings and mobile engagement and >600% increase in communication with video through the Fuze platform.

Enhanced user experience (UX)

With the increased demands for rich face-to-face interaction and remote group collaboration, Fuze meetings will double the number of available participant video streams. This update also adds Fuze Join to simplify meeting join flows for attendees on an expanded range of browsers, including older browsers (e.g. Internet Explorer).

Fuze 6 enhances the desktop and web experience for Fuze Contact Center with mobile queue access and increased accessibility to contact center functionality within the UCaaS experience for agents and supervisors.

Other updates include enhanced multimedia messaging service (MMS) capabilities and chat reactions, including emoticons, access to the full meeting roster on mobile, dark mode for iOS, and new keyboard shortcuts for Fuze Web and Desktop to help streamline communication for all users.

Enterprise-grade integrations platform

With this update, developers have increased accessibility and documentation for implementing integrations with the Fuze platform with enterprise-grade security and performance. This allows organizations to maximize the communications and collaboration solutions that best support the needs of the modern workforce.

Additionally, Fuze customers have access to an expanded Marketplace of pre-built integrations, including updated calling and meeting integrations with Slack, Microsoft Teams and G-Suite.

Security by design

Fuze was designed for users and built for the enterprise, where security and data protection has always been purpose-built. The Fuze 6 update provides continued support for risk mitigation of emerging trends and security threats.

To prevent unauthorized access or mishandling of information, Fuze integrates security best practices across the development lifecycle and conducts frequent penetration testing and vulnerability management.

The release of Fuze 6 enables enterprise organizations to more easily mobilize their workforce, while maintaining secure and scalable communications on an enhanced user interface.

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