Zadara and Cyxtera help reduce financial and operational risk by offering advanced SaaS

Zadara Storage, a leader in enterprise storage-as-a-service, announced a technology partnership with Cyxtera, a global leader in data center colocation and interconnection services.

Zadara’s fully managed storage-as-a-service is now available in Cyxtera’s 62 highly connected, hybrid-ready data centers worldwide. Together, the two companies are transforming storage and helping reduce financial and operational risk by offering advanced storage on demand.

For enterprises and XaaS companies, simplifying data storage and management to ensure greater efficiencies is more critical than ever before. The partnership between Zadara and Cyxtera alleviates the burden of owning and managing storage infrastructure and provides the functionality of enterprise storage without incurring rigid CapEx costs.

“When you combine the control of enterprise storage and the convenience of a data center service exchange, a whole new world of possibilities opens up,” said Russell Cozart, Cyxtera’s SVP of marketing and product strategy.

“Zadara is able to seamlessly step in and bring our customers a level of efficiency, effectiveness, and flexibility on demand that simply can’t be achieved with legacy storage offerings.”

Housed natively within Cyxtera data centers, and easily accessible through Cyxtera’s Marketplace, Zadara’s storage-as-a-service ensures that companies can now dramatically simplify storage and pay only for what they use.

By adding Zadara, Cyxtera customers have access to a multi-tier, storage-as-a-service solution with a private cloud and all of the capabilities of a data center.

“Organizations no longer need to go it alone when it comes to shouldering data storage burdens,” said Nelson Nahum, CEO and co-founder of Zadara.

“These are uncertain times, which is why organizations are looking for an enterprise storage system that reduces financial and operational risks while avoiding the headaches associated with long-term contracts, minimum commitments, and managing multiple storage solutions.”

Zadara’s advanced storage features:

  • Flexibility: 100% OpEx; grow and shrink on-demand, easy to consume pay-as-you-go model
  • Security: at-rest, in-flight encryption; totally isolated resources
  • Options: block, file, object; snapshots; mirrors; thin provisioning; more
  • Convenience: public/private cloud hosted at Cyxtera location(s)
  • Efficiency: no storage technology refresh issues; fully managed solution
  • Unification: makes a true hybrid computing environment possible by enabling a unified data fabric that allows users to choose how their fully managed enterprise storage solution is hosted

Zadara advanced storage-as-a-service at Cyxtera is available now. All Zadara solutions feature 24/7/365 live support, proactive system management, periodic non-disruptive hardware upgrades, and a 100%-uptime guarantee.

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