Visual Labs acquires FastRedaction, integrates it into its evidence management platform

Visual Labs announced that it has acquired FastRedaction, a product developed by Intrinsics Imaging. The purchase has allowed Visual Labs to provide a fully-integrated, cloud-based, and CJIS-compliant redaction solution as part of its evidence management platform.

The FastRedaction software leverages artificial intelligence and allows users to automatically blur faces, track objects, and redact audio. The software is available to Visual Labs smartphone body and dash camera customers, as well as other organizations seeking a highly-automated redaction solution.

Visual Labs purchased FastRedaction from Intrinsics when that company moved from law enforcement to meet growing demand in manufacturing.

“As we focused on automating human vision tasks in manufacturing, we were thrilled to discover Visual Labs — a perfect fit for FastRedaction. Now the company that provides industry-leading body-worn computers also brings the fastest, easiest-to-use video redaction software,” said Intrinsics CEO Nick Flacco.

Visual Labs Chief Operating Officer Alexander Popof added, “As disclosure laws have evolved, we recognized the need to incorporate a best-in-class redaction solution into the Visual Labs platform. We are thrilled to provide this state-of-the-art technology to our law enforcement and other customers.”

Earlier this year, the Washington County, Minnesota Sheriff’s Office was the launch customer for the integrated redaction module. A Visual Labs customer since 2016 with 135 smartphone body cameras, the Sheriff’s Office anticipates this integrated solution will save a considerable amount of time.

Records Unit Supervisor Amy Larsen explains, “What took me almost 16 hours to redact using our existing system now only takes about one hour.”

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