Cyemptive Enterprise Scanner 2: Eliminating threats in files before a problem is actually initiated

Cyemptive Technologies, a provider of preemptive cybersecurity products and technology and winner of the Department of Homeland Security’s national competition for most innovative border security-related solution in the market, unveiled Version 2 of Cyemptive Enterprise Scanner (CES V2).

It is a substantial improvement to the world’s first scanning technology that preemptively scans for infected files such as ransomware, malware, and other cyberthreats before they infect a system, as compared to other existing scanning technology that detects files only after the infection has commenced.

Unlike other scanners on the market today that focus on monitoring the state of APIs and therefore only detect problems with files after the infection has mobilized, CES V2 takes a revolutionary “state-based” file scanning approach that identifies and eliminates threats in files before a problem is actually initiated.

Current technology only reacts and attempts to correct once compromise has already occurred and therefore cannot compete with Cyemptive’s “state-based” preemptive scanning solution.

“Today’s scanning technology is broken because it is waiting for API calls or execution of files before it can detect most file issues,” said Rob Pike, founder and CEO of Cyemptive Technologies.

“Because of this, it cannot preemptively detect cyberthreat encryption and malware that causes issues within operating systems regardless of detection after discovery. Cyemptive has now taken a revolutionary approach to detecting issues with files before they can enter the operating system.”

Breakthrough technologies in CES V2 include:

  • Detects and prevents ransomware before it encrypts files within the operating system or network
  • Detects and prevents hidden files before they harm the operating system or network
  • Detects and prevents unwanted encrypted files as well as other forms of malware before they enter the system

“We’ve compared CES V2 against the market leaders, and Cyemptive found thousands of issues that got past the current market leaders,” said Paul Hiteshaw, Executive Director at Infosec and one of Cyemptive’s customers.

“The value knowing the Cyemptive technology is protecting our environments while other competitors are struggling to keep their business online, makes it worth every dollar invested into the Cyemptive platform.”

Introduced in September 2019, CES Cyemptive Enterprise Scanner (CES) is a proven scanning technology that detects both known and unknown forms of encryption applied to files (including ransomware, malware, and other cyberthreats) to several orders of magnitude more than other solutions on the market today. Additional new features in CES V2 over CES V1 include:

  • Ability to detect additional forms of malware
  • Significantly improved file identification accuracy
  • Ability to “stub out” bad files
  • Expanded reporting
  • Many additional forms of non-standard file detections
  • Incorporation of highly efficient cluster scalability for scanning massive datasets including any level of backup file systems

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