Snowflake and Deloitte alliance delivers businesses a foundation for a modern data strategy

Snowflake, the cloud data platform, announced further advancements to their alliance with Deloitte, the professional services organization, to deliver businesses a foundation for a modern data strategy.

Enterprises across industries leverage Deloitte’s experience executing data-driven modernization and digital transformation projects to capitalize on the benefits of Snowflake’s single, integrated platform in their preferred or multi-cloud environments.

Many organizations are redefining the way they operate in order to remain competitive and relevant amid today’s constantly evolving business environment. Snowflake empowers organizations with a modern data platform that leverages the power of the cloud to deliver near real-time data insights that scale instantly as business needs evolve.

The single, integrated platform also provides secure and governed access to all data and requires near-zero maintenance so organizations focus on getting the most value out of their data for business decisions.

Deloitte and Snowflake enable organizations to accelerate their modernization with a business-driven transformation approach that empowers customers with strategic advantages through a unique combination of tools, capabilities, and resources that help their businesses tackle key transformation priorities.

Deloitte and Snowflake help organizations:

  • Obtain a holistic understanding of their existing data ecosystem, its impact on business operations, and how to leverage data to derive more meaningful insights.
  • Develop a comprehensive roadmap to migrate to Snowflake’s cloud data platform that implements a factor-oriented strategy for accelerated deployment.
  • Take advantage of AI insights for enhanced business decision-making, data security, and scalability.
  • Leverage advanced tools such as legacy code conversion, reverse engineering, and data pipeline management to improve efficiency and minimize business disruption.
  • Streamline integration on Snowflake across multiple providers.
  • Move workloads to multi-cloud environments.

“Many enterprises are looking to modernize their operations by moving to the cloud to reap the benefits of its enhanced flexibility, scalability, and agility,” said Frank Farrall, principal and AI Ecosystems leader, Deloitte Consulting LLP.

“Snowflake can help businesses get more value from their data through deeper data insights, delivered more quickly and effectively than possible on legacy IT architectures.

“Our alliance combines the advanced capabilities of Snowflake’s platform with Deloitte’s recognized leadership in strategy, analytics, and technology services to help businesses speed up their migration to the cloud while reducing costs and increasing agility.”

“Embarking on a cloud modernization journey can be costly, resource-intensive, and disruptive to businesses if not planned both carefully and strategically,” Snowflake VP of Global Alliances, Colleen Kapase said.

“The breadth of Deloitte’s extensive network and experience in cloud and analytics coupled with Snowflake’s powerful, easy-to-use platform can help businesses achieve stronger insights, reduce IT costs, and streamline data management.”

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