Adaptiva unveils OneSite Cloud, speeding software deployment and increasing distribution reliability

Adaptiva announced OneSite Cloud as enterprises accelerate digital transformation and the move to modern management.

This latest OneSite offering enables users to receive software and other content updates at unprecedented speed and scale from wherever they are without overwhelming the corporate VPN and WAN/SD-WAN links or compromising network performance — only an internet connection is required.

OneSite Cloud debuts as leading enterprises increasingly recognize the benefits of cloud-based solutions, including greater flexibility, lower costs, and the ability to modernize their endpoint management systems.

Many view the move to modern management as vital for the future of their business; however, substantial concerns about the scalability and reliability of software delivery have slowed digital transformation. Adaptiva’s OneSite Cloud effectively addresses these issues, clearing a path for enterprises to move forward.

The introduction of OneSite Cloud also comes amid a newfound sense of urgency as enterprises look to support their remote workforce without sacrificing security or performance.

Adaptiva’s global customer base has reported that in just the past two months, the number of employees who are working remotely has grown exponentially, placing an enormous strain on corporate VPN infrastructure that could be alleviated with a responsive cloud-based solution, such as OneSite Cloud.

“We’ve worked closely with our customers to design solutions around their emerging needs, and OneSite Cloud effectively delivers enterprise agility while unburdening the existing corporate networks,” said Adaptiva CEO and Founder Deepak Kumar. “They see that modern management is the future, and Adaptiva provides a path to get there without compromise.”

OneSite Cloud benefits

Adaptiva OneSite is a single-download content delivery solution that dramatically speeds software deployment, increases distribution reliability, and reduces network impact by leveraging Adaptiva’s industry-leading, highly secure peer-to-peer technology.

Through support for Azure, the new OneSite Cloud offering provides a number of distinct performance benefits and industry-first capabilities that solve customer pain points, including:

  • Software delivery everywhere: Whether working in an office, at home, from Starbucks or on-site with a customer, employees can still receive content, such as software, updates and patches, on their machines and devices as soon as it is deployed.
  • Internet P2P content sharing capabilities: Now, with dual-mode communications — UDP and HTTP — endpoints can share content without a VPN regardless of where they are located in the world.
  • VPN offload: OneSite Cloud supports split tunnel VPN architecture, enabling endpoints to get content directly from other internet-facing computers or from the Azure Content Delivery Network (CDN) rather than overloading the corporate VPN concentrators by downloading software over the VPN.
  • WAN offload: OneSite Cloud endpoints can get content directly from other internet-facing computers or from the Azure CDN, completely eliminating the need for content delivery on the corporate network and VPN.
  • BYOD support: OneSite Cloud supports BYOD and does not require the endpoint to be joined to a Microsoft domain. Instead, an admin can simply email a link to the Adaptiva client to enable any machine to work with the network. This is particularly important for employees who are relying on home computers, personal devices, or new machines that have not been configured by corporate IT during the pandemic. Users can get up and running quickly while networks stay protected.

“Legacy remote access technology is failing to meet the needs of today’s dynamic remote work scenarios,” said ESG Senior Analyst Mark Bowker. “Adaptiva is helping businesses eliminate their reliance on VPNs for secure access with a modern approach that aligns with the agility IT requires to deliver a reliable and secure end-user experience.”

OneSite for every architecture: From traditional to modern

Adaptiva also announced that OneSite Cloud customers will be able to leverage any version of OneSite that fits their current business needs at no additional cost — whether it is traditional on-premise, OneSite VMware Edition, OneSite Intune Edition or OneSite Cloud. This ensures that OneSite will expand seamlessly as business needs change and companies transition to modern management.

“Adaptiva has innovated quickly during this turbulent time to partner with our customers every step of the way,” added Kumar.

“We’ve designed our products to work dynamically, regardless of where an enterprise wants to go and how it wants to get there. As an increasing number of global enterprises transition to the cloud, our product lines will offer compelling solutions that solve real problems.”

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