Protegrity and Snowflake partnership brings added security to the cloud

Protegrity, the data-security solutions provider, announced a new partnership with Snowflake, the cloud data platform, to enable organizations with high security requirements to employ Protegrity’s data de-identification technology in the Snowflake environment.

If a brand wishes to tap its consumer data to provide superior marketing and customer experiences, Snowflake provides the cloud data platform for accelerating those insights; Protegrity ensures the privacy of the data connected to the consumers.

Today’s enterprises are leveraging hybrid- and multi-cloud services for the flexibility and enhanced capabilities they offer to their resident infrastructure. This transformation has become something of a business imperative, since global brands are concerned more than ever about being disrupted by fast-moving innovators in their respective markets.

Data is at the center of innovation and many organizations have increased security and requirements associated with how they collect, move, and analyze data that prevents them from being able to fully leverage the benefits of the cloud for their business operations.

“Protegrity for Snowflake provides an infinitely scalable, analytics optimized cloud data platform with additional security and privacy capabilities that support the major public clouds,” said Rick Farnell, Protegrity CEO.

“The coupling of these solutions can create a solid foundation for all industries, but especially those that need exceptional security because of the nature of their business. Now, businesses can focus on delivering innovation instead of worrying about the management of environments.”

Snowflake’s single, integrated platform requires near zero-maintenance and leverages the power of the cloud to help customers get deep value from their data through near real-time data insights. Protegrity extends the ability to protect data wherever it resides and wherever it is needed in Snowflake.

Snowflake provides built-in data security and governance with its unique architecture, while Protegrity protects the privacy of the individuals associated with that data before it even reaches Snowflake. Removing this hurdle allows businesses to unleash the value of sensitive data sets without compromising industry or regulatory data-policies.

“This partnership brings together two innovative companies with a common mission to help organizations get the most value out of their data, without any compromises to security or privacy,” Vikas Jain, Head of Snowflake Security Product Management, said.

The Snowflake partnership is another example of Protegrity’s commitment to expanding its cloud-inclusive strategy and allowing customers to maintain the data security they have come to expect in the environments they need access to remain competitive.

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