TMD Security and Deloitte launch global program to help ATM deployers reduce operational costs

TMD Security announced the launch of a global program with consulting firm Deloitte to help banks and ATM deployers understand the annual operational cost savings and benefits from replacing physical keys and manual processes with a key-less ATM and Branch Access Management solution.

Ten Deloitte customer engagements are planned in EMEA, APAC and the Americas and there is availability for a further ten free custom business case engagements before the end of the year.

“Reducing ATM operational costs has never been more critical than it is today,” said Cees Heuker of Hoek, CEO and Founder, TMD Security.

“We are proud to announce this global relationship with Deloitte. A custom business case gives valuable insight into an ATM deployer’s specific cost savings and business benefits potential, depending on their ATM network and current access processes.

“Our clients discover that replacing keys and manual processes with our Access Management solution results in staggering productivity improvements and annual operational cost savings.

“Also, faced with the health risks associated with the COVID-19 pandemic, removing the need for keys, reducing the number of ‘meet and greets’ with key-holders at service visits, and eliminating the reliance on call centres for providing security codes brings significant safety benefits.

“Despite the pandemic, we can continue with the Deloitte program because interviews and data gathering can be done remotely. Interest has been strong and we are inviting ATM deployers to reserve one of the remaining slots soon.”

TMD ATM and Branch Access Management is a key-less, centrally managed secure access solution for all types of ATMs and door locks which remotely validates the IDs of the pre-authorised user, lock and mobile device and checks the pre-approved schedule in a split second at the time of access.

Randomly generated, encrypted One-Time-Codes are sent directly to the lock, with a real-time audit trail. TMD’s new Intelligent Alarm Switch integrates pre-authorised activation and deactivation of alarms in the ATM, secure room or branch into the access management solution via TMD’s One Touch Access TM Security mobile app which saves time, reduces false alerts and improves security.

“Our clients recognise that TMD Security is in a unique position to deliver proven and certified security hardware combined with intelligent software because of our sister company TMS ATM Software,” added Cees.

“This powerful combination of hardware and software means that we are fast to market with innovative, user-friendly access management solutions that can be tailored to our clients’ needs.”

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