Datalytyx DataOps for Snowflake platform to be deployed for a trial

Datalytyx announced an expanded partnership with Snowflake, the Cloud Data Platform, that enables the next generation Datalytyx DataOps for Snowflake platform to be deployed for a 2 week trial on Snowflake.

Customers can orchestrate the ingestion of data from many on-premise and cloud platforms via 3rd party data tools, model data easily, automatically test those models as part of their pipelines, launch AI/ML models and enable the consumption of data to deliver immediate stakeholder value.

As a great example, in the midst of the Coronavirus pandemic, BOC, the UK market-leading gas supply company for delivery of healthcare oxygen, has faced unprecedented demand, from equipping Nightingale hospitals to delivering O2 cylinders in homes.

Datalytyx have deployed their DataOps for Snowflake platform to help BOC manage their cylinder stock and logistics data, for all types of gases, to increase production efficiency and provide best-in-class customer service.

“Datalytyx said they could get their DataOps Platform in and working within three weeks, and they did. What’s more, the capability it’s bringing us, to set up, monitor and amend data feeds simply and rapidly, is really quite transformational.” – David Galloway, Strategy and Business Insight Manager for BOC

And at wejo, the connected car company, they have been innovating in connected car data to create ground-breaking products and services that revolutionise the way people travel. By generating insights to harness the value of that data, they enable smarter, safer and more sustainable journeys for all.

Datalytyx have deployed their DataOps for Snowflake platform to orchestrate multiple Snowflake cloud data platform tenants accessing a single primary Snowflake datastore using Snowflake Secure Data Sharing, plus Jupyter Notebooks and Tableau Online at the front end of each tenant.

“Snowflake and Datalytyx DataOps are at the heart of these new ideas for secure data sharing with our customers, and some of the new geospatial features from Snowflake will enhance this further.

“An initial proof of concept demonstrated how the Datalytyx thinking would complement our own, to deliver ADEPT Preview faster and more confidently than we could by ourselves. Their DataOps based approach could deliver repeatable, consistent, disposable and secure data environments for our customers in ¼ of the time.” – Steve Pimblett, CIO and CDO of wejo

Snowflake Chief Technical Evangelist, Kent Graziano said “Organizations today require business agility without any sacrifices to data governance and security. Datalytyx Data Ops for Snowflake can enable customers to leverage the elastic scaling and single, integrated, secured platform benefits of Snowflake, enhanced by the CI/CD automation, audit, and governance features of this new product from Datalytyx to help achieve that business agility.”

“Snowflake delivers unique value to our customers.” said Justin Mullen, CEO of Datalytyx. “We have been working on the philosophy of DataOps and #TrueDataOps with industry pioneers for the last 12 months. #TrueDataOps has only become possible because of a number of significant and critical advancements that today are unique to Snowflake’s Cloud Data Platform.

“Our DataOps for Snowflake platform enables organisations to focus on value-led development of pipelines (e.g. reduce fraud, improve customer experience, increase uptake, identify opportunities, etc.) to produce analytical processes that support and enable the achievement of that value.”

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