Qualcomm unveils program to help small businesses convert to a mobile-first work environment

Qualcomm Technologies unveiled the Qualcomm Small Business Accelerator Program, designed to help small businesses convert to a mobile-first work environment necessary to thrive in today’s business climate.

The comprehensive program will provide small businesses with products powered by Qualcomm Technologies solutions, along with collaboration tools and technical and integration support, so they can continue to maintain operations throughout the current global pandemic and beyond.

Qualcomm Technologies recognizes the challenges that small businesses across the United States face, including minority-owned, female-owned, and veteran-owned businesses.

With the launch of the Qualcomm Small Business Accelerator Program, Qualcomm Technologies and its ecosystem of partners have committed to provide technology products, services and support to US-based small businesses across various industries.

Approximately 25 small businesses will be selected and each will receive a unique selection of products and technical support valued at up to US$25,000.

Customized to the needs of the selected small business, the program will provide a variety of devices powered by various compute and connectivity solutions from Qualcomm Technologies, such as Always-Connected PCs (cellular-connected laptops), Wi-Fi systems, mobile phones, Bluetooth enabled headsets and active mobile hotspots, along with technical / device integration and support.

With more businesses depending on cloud-based solutions, these connected products offer enhanced productivity and security for small businesses.

“Small businesses are very important to the country’s economic growth and prosperity,” said Cristiano Amon, President, Qualcomm Incorporated.

“Qualcomm Technologies creates products and services that enable users to stay mobile and connected, which will help small businesses remain competitive as the way we work changes. The cellular-enabled Always-Connected PCs and hotspots, payment and software solutions, and headsets that our products power will transform the way each business works.

“With the expected support of Best Buy Business, Microsoft, and Verizon Business, the Qualcomm Small Business Accelerator program will provide selected small businesses with an assortment of technology and tools to help them succeed.”

Our ecosystem partners, including Citrix (digital workspace solutions), Lenovo (5G-enabled PCs), Linksys (Wi-Fi networking devices), Samsung (PCs and mobile devices), Sophos (security software solutions), and Targus (mobile docking stations) share Qualcomm Technologies’ commitment to supporting small businesses and will play key roles in the Qualcomm Small Business Accelerator Program. Best Buy Business is also planning to provide technical support.

“We believe in the power of small businesses and are proud to work with Qualcomm on this program to help them thrive,” said Brett Byrum, Senior Director of Best Buy Business. “As business owners and employees quickly adapt to the new normal, they need tech that will help them remain productive in many different work environments.”

“We live in a world where software and the cloud have the power to shape a wide array of industries and small businesses. From healthcare to retail, technology adoption helps businesses move forward. Always-Connected personal computers (ACPCs) allow us the freedom to work remotely from anywhere with seamless connectivity and incredible battery life.

“Microsoft believes connected PCs, in combination with software and cloud services, will empower small businesses to innovate how they transform and move their businesses forward,” said Panos Panay, Chief Product Officer, Microsoft. “We are proud to work with Qualcomm Technologies to support small businesses in this way.”

“Our investment in this program is yet another example of our strong commitment to small businesses. As organizations adjust to the new normal of working remotely, the need for mobile technologies beyond reliable connectivity is clear. We are proud to provide businesses with the access they need to these resources,” stated TJ Fox, President of Verizon Business Markets.

The program will help provide digital structure and transitional support for small businesses in the US.

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