AIC and Parade launch the PCI Express Gen 4 appliance for composable GPU, AI, HPC workloads

AIC and Parade Technologies jointly announced the two companies will align on PCI Express Gen 4 retimer technologies to enable the launch of a pioneering PCI Express Gen 4 appliance ideal for composable GPU, AI, HPC workloads.

AIC’s server hardware, supporting multiple PCI Express Gen 4 slots in a single rackmount chassis, is a flexible and compact extension box accommodating accelerators such as GPUs, NIC, FPGA and NVMe drives.

Utilizing Parade’s PCI Express Gen 4 retimer chip, AIC’s high-density PCI Express Gen 4 appliance provides stable data transport of the doubled data rate of PCI Express Gen 4 at 16 Gbps, compared to 8 Gbps of PCI Express Gen 3.

Parade is an industry leader in high-speed data signal integrity products and is the first to bring PCI Express Gen 4 retimers into production. Parade’s Gen 4 retimers are ideal for enterprise systems and workstation applications such as AIC’s server hardware.

“AIC is committed to be an early adopter of new technologies and is honored to work with Parade to launch this first-to-market PCI Express Gen 4 appliance,” said Michael Liang, CEO of AIC.

“We see great potential for this appliance as it directly addresses the challenging signal integrity issues for applications that are based on the new PCI Express Gen 4 Standard, and it provides a robust infrastructure for future applications.”

“Parade is pleased to team up with AIC who has a high degree of system-level expertise to complement our skill set on the components side,” said Mr. Jimmy Chiu, Executive VP of Marketing at Parade Technologies. “This partnership provides a gateway for early entry into the PCI Express Gen 4 market for both companies, which benefits both of us.”

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