Datadog now supports Amazon EFS for AWS Lambda on Amazon Web Services

Datadog announced support for Amazon Elastic File System (Amazon EFS) for AWS Lambda on Amazon Web Services (AWS). This new integration is now available with the launch of Amazon EFS for AWS Lambda.

Datadog’s integration with Amazon EFS for AWS Lambda brings single-click correlation between AWS Lambda and the underlying Elastic File System. This allows developers to have visibility across the serverless components that power their business and troubleshoot potential issues quickly.

“Datadog is committed to delivering an end-to-end monitoring solution for environments adopting to evolving serverless use cases,” said Ilan Rabinovitch, Vice President, Product & Community at Datadog.

“Visibility into the health of Amazon EFS is critical for these newer serverless use cases. By combining this data with Datadog’s serverless monitoring, our customers are able to accelerate their adoption of serverless workflows with confidence.”

“We are excited to see Datadog integrating support for Amazon EFS for AWS Lambda into their serverless monitoring at launch,” said Adam Fergus, Manager, DevOps at Fiix.

“We use Amazon EFS and AWS Lambda to help our customers plan and track their maintenance. Amazon EFS increases our development velocity by reducing operational overhead all while being completely embedded into Datadog’s end-to-end serverless observability.”

“We are delighted to see Datadog’s monitoring platform extend to support Amazon Elastic File System for AWS Lambda,” said Ajay Nair, Director of Product Management, AWS Lambda, at Amazon Web Services.

“As our shared customers can take advantage of the new persistent file system functionality to enable new application patterns, they will do so with support in their preferred monitoring tool.”

Monitoring Amazon EFS for AWS Lambda is included as part of Datadog Serverless Monitoring, which provides engineering teams with end-to-end visibility across their serverless infrastructure by bringing together correlated metrics, traces, and logs.

Developers now have access to enhanced tagging to slice and dice Lambda metrics by the mounted Elastic File System and a new default out-of-the-box EFS dashboard to monitor key metrics and computation costs.

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