CoSoSys announces zero-day support, kextless agent for macOS customers

CoSoSys announced its commitment to offer zero-day support and the launch of a kextless agent for customers who manage Apple devices in the organization. The company’s top-rated product, Endpoint Protector, is one of the most trusted and widely used macOS and multi-OS DLP solutions on the market.

“For us, it was important from the beginning to provide a DLP solution that focuses on the needs of customers with large macOS deployments,” said Roman Foeckl, CEO and founder of CoSoSys.

“Now as Macs are more popular in large enterprises, we continue our mission of helping companies in ensuring data security and staying compliant with Apple’s new security requirements.”

With Endpoint Protector, companies can put an end to data leaks and data theft, minimize the risk of insider threats, and ensure compliance with data protection regulations. A truly cross-platform solution from the beginning, Endpoint Protector’s easy-to-use tool helps organizations protect their data regardless of the operating system.

The upcoming launch of Endpoint Protector Enterprise brings major upgrades and multiple benefits such as user remediation and management console to macOS, Windows, and Linux customers to even better support the needs of large, sophisticated deployments.

As Mac use continues to increase in the enterprise, ensuring the security and compliance of regulated data is vital. Endpoint Protector’s highlighted support for macOS users include:

  • Kextless agent: The latest version of Endpoint Protector comes with a kextless agent built on Apple’s new Endpoint Security Framework, making Endpoint Protector a pioneer DLP vendor to release an agent that doesn’t use a KEXT (kernel extension). With the release of macOS 10.15, Apple started to deprecate kernel extensions and encouraged a kextless approach.
  • Zero-day support: Endpoint Protector continues its history of offering zero-day support for Apple’s new operating systems.
  • Legacy system extension: In 2019, Apple informed developers that macOS Catalina is the last macOS that fully supports legacy system extensions. Endpoint Protector’s legacy client will continue to work on older macOS versions (from macOS 10.8 to macOS 10.15).
  • Notarized kernel extensions (KEXTs): The legacy macOS client version of Endpoint Protector is notarized under the Apple notarization requirement, which gives users more confidence that the software they download and run has been checked for known security issues.
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