CBTS integrates cloud-delivered threat prevention into its CBTS Network Security as a Service

CBTS has announced the integration of cloud-delivered threat prevention into its CBTS Network Security as a Service.

The CBTS partnership with Check Point Software Technologies, Ltd. enables CBTS to unify Check Point’s industry-leading CloudGuard cloud-native security with highly customized CBTS SD-WAN solutions supporting the rapid shift to distributed application architecture and flexible work from anywhere policies.

Mass migration of applications to the cloud presents challenges for enterprise security architectures, especially with the increased use of public clouds and multi-cloud deployments.

Through the partnership, CBTS delivers the proactive security remote workers need while bringing consistent, high-quality bandwidth to access cloud services and private data centers.

“CBTS has long leveraged SD-WAN technologies to help customers transition to the cloud and provide a digital transformation path,” said Jon Lloyd, director of cloud networking.

“Organizations now face the challenge of securing this new, flexible, always-on network where an application can live anywhere in the world, and employees can work from anywhere in the world.

“Check Point’s CloudGuard technologies enable our customers to make the best network and application decisions for their organization without the added difficulty of securing a malleable, distributed network. We are now delivering peace of mind, along with our flexibility and convenience.”

Unlike security detection platforms that only detect threats, Check Point delivers active threat prevention. Check Point SandBlast Zero-Day Protection uses cloud-based sandboxing technology to quarantine and inspect files, uncovering malicious behavior in a virtual sandbox before it can enter the network.

Malware is detected by SandBlast at the exploit phase before hackers can apply evasive steps attempting to bypass the sandbox. By combining cloud-based CPU-level inspection with OS-level sandboxing, Check Point prevents infection from the most dangerous exploits, and all targeted and zero-day attacks.

“Given today’s advanced cyber threats, it is critical to protect enterprise branch offices connected to the cloud with SD-WAN. Check Point CloudGuard Connect is integrated with leading SD-WAN vendors in the cloud to secure branches in minutes,” said Erez Yarkoni, head of the Telco Division at Check Point Software Technologies.

“We’re excited to partner with CBTS to help drive enterprise digital transformation, with a special emphasis on branch office SD-WAN security.”

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