Protiviti’s new tool helps orgs build operational and financial resiliency amid COVID-19 pandemic

Global consulting firm Protiviti has launched a Navigating Business Resilience tool to help companies take a rapid approach to addressing the unprecedented challenges they are facing due to COVID-19-related disruptions, workplace re-entry and business transformation.

The complimentary assessment tool helps business leaders quickly identify and prioritize their organization’s unique pain points, threats and vulnerabilities across their core functions, and then creates an agile operating model, with an immediate triage heatmap of priorities and a recommended suite of practical tools and processes to best position their organization for competitive advantage after the crisis.

“Now more than ever, we’re seeing a striking disparity between organizations that take a proactive approach to identifying and responding to their specific vulnerabilities and risks, and those who do not,” said Patrick Scott, executive vice president, Industry Programs, Protiviti.

“We saw a great need in the market for businesses to have access to a tool that can help them quickly uncover and assess their pain points and prioritize areas that require a rapid adjustment to enable surviving the current economic disruptions and then transforming their operations in order to thrive post-crisis.”

The business resilience assessment builds a heatmap of critical pain points, tailored to the needs of each organization, and features an interactive dashboard to help executives visually map critical business issues and then prioritize which areas require immediate attention and those that can be addressed longer-term.

Following the assessment, businesses will receive:

  • A custom online report detailing delivery timelines and approaches that users can save and reference at any time
  • A holistic view of their organization and priorities to focus on
  • An overview of tools that can help the business address its specific challenges
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