Aviatrix 6.0: Helping enterprises transform their IT infrastructure to public cloud

Aviatrix, the cloud network platform, announced the sixth major release of its software designed for enterprises transforming their IT infrastructure to public cloud.

These new advancements in transit networking, security and operations enable cloud networking teams to leverage centralized intelligence for optimizing network availability, enforce common security policies across multiple clouds, and reduce operational overhead using modern infrastructure automation.

“In our journey to the cloud we have three pillars we always consider when evaluating infrastructure products and those are automation, security and operational control. Aviatrix opened the door to add a fourth for multi-cloud optionality,” said Dr. Michael Weber, Sr. Manager Traffic Engineering at Splunk.

“We knew from previous experience that the transit networking services offered by the cloud service providers did not consistently offer both the advanced networking and security controls we needed or the ability to support the multi-cloud network architecture we envisioned. Aviatrix delivered both and their single Terraform provider made it easy to fit Aviatrix software into our ‘automate everything’ culture and operational processes.”

Aviatrix software goes beyond the basic capabilities offered from cloud service providers by abstracting the unique complexities of each cloud through APIs, interacting with and directly programming native service provider constructs while adding advanced Aviatrix features to form one, enterprise-class network data and control plane.

With Aviatrix 6.0, organizations are now able to implement:

  • Multi-cloud network segmentation – Routing based security domains span regions, accounts and cloud service providers enabling organizations to centrally enforce global policies to meet compliance regulations.
  • Intelligent network correctness – Centralized controller optimizes network availability and provides new automated change control approvals to mitigate human errors and avoid outages commonly caused by overlapping IP addresses and route table misconfigurations.
  • ActiveMesh high availability – Enhanced active-active, equal cost multi-path (ECMP) transit networking with optimal path routing and traffic engineering provides capability to propagate BGP intelligence into and across enterprise clouds and to control deterministic path prioritization.
  • Infrastructure-as-code automation – Aviatrix Single Terraform provider streamlines operations and reduces overhead by simplifying the ability to combine application and network infrastructure automation into an integrated CI/CD pipeline for multi-cloud environments.

Multiple clouds, one network architecture and operational model

Aviatrix customer, Teradata, the cloud data and analytics company, uses Aviatrix Transit for multi-cloud network services as part of its Teradata Vantage on AWS, Vantage on Azure, and Vantage on GCP public cloud offerings.

“Delivering optimized experiences at the speed our customers expect is a top priority and requires a modern cloud architecture that delivers agility and automation across all the clouds our customers are using,” said Stacy Lanier, Sr. Manager Cloud Services at Teradata.

“Aviatrix simplifies our day-one network automation with a multi-cloud Terraform provider that helps us seamlessly combine our application and network infrastructure as code into a single CI/CD pipeline and allows us to deploy a consistent, repeatable Aviatrix transit network across multiple clouds with the visibility and control we need for day-two operations.”

Aviatrix software is a cloud networking platform deployed and operated by enterprise customers. With today’s cloud transformation, IT staff are designing their cloud networks based on the Multi-Cloud Network Architecture (MCNA), the reference architecture for enterprises to plan and operate Aviatrix Transit as the foundation of a repeatable network, security and operational model that is consistent across any public cloud.

“The transit network is the foundation for every enterprise’s cloud network architecture. Enterprise-class visibility, control and multi-cloud support are mandatory requirements, but are not available from cloud service providers basic transit offerings,” said Steve Mullaney, CEO Aviatrix.

“Aviatrix Transit is the only enterprise option for transit networking and today is further enhanced for our customers by providing multi-cloud network segmentation, intelligent network correctness and a single Terraform provider capabilities.”

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