V-Key’s V-OS receives Common Criteria EAL rating of 3+

V-Key announced that V-OS, V-Key’s core patented technology, is the world’s first virtual secure element to receive a Common Criteria Evaluation Assurance Level (EAL) rating of 3+, derived from the U.S. Government’s Protection Profile for General Purpose Operating Systems.

Mr. Er Chiang Kai, Chief Technology Officer of V-Key, said, “The more complex the product, the more requirements and steps necessary to validate its security. Only the top few IT solutions made it to level 3 with a well-recognised Protection Profile. For V-OS to achieve this level of assurance is a testament to the strength and trustworthiness of our product.”

A product unlike others

V-OS is similar to a smartcard chip, also known as a hardware secure element. V-OS creates an isolated virtual environment within mobile applications to safely store cryptographic keys.

This demonstrates the degree of protection that V-OS provides against the most advanced hacking techniques. Everything from V-OS App Protection to V-OS Cloud Solutions benefits from the assurance provided by V-OS’ EAL3+ certification.

Trust is in our DNA

As an SG:D Accredited company, V-Key’s V-OS suite has been rigorously evaluated by Infocomm Media Development Authority of Singapore. V-Key has also obtained FIPS 140-2 certification by the U.S. NIST for V-OS’ cryptographic module and provides security for FIDO Authenticators.

V-Key continually invests in certifications because it is an important pillar of trust, both between V-Key and its customers, and between customers and their end-users.

“Having IT products go through a robust security evaluation and certification process is important to assure companies of the security standards of the products that they are acquiring.

“We are glad that homegrown firm V-Key has achieved this internationally-recognised Common Criteria certification and look forward to more product developers coming forward to do so,” said Mr. Lim Soon Chia, Director of the Cyber Security Engineering Centre, Cyber Security Agency of Singapore.

“With the Common Criteria certification, we assure our customers that our product has been well-evaluated and has all the protections that are expected by the customer,” added Mr. Er.

“We are glad that V-Key has taken great strides and again pushed the boundaries by securing the EAL3+ certification. This is testament of the maximum assurance and rigor of V-OS, providing world class mobile security,” said Mr. Edwin Low, Director of Innovation & Tech Ecosystem, Infocomm Media Development Authority of Singapore.

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