Windstream selects Nokia’s 7750 SR to expand capacity across its core routing network

Nokia and Windstream announced they have completed the initial sites for a nationwide core IP network enhancement. Windstream selected Nokia’s 7750 service router (SR) platform to significantly expand capacity across its core routing network as it prepares for next-generation broadband and 5G services.

Windstream is replacing its legacy core router platform with Nokia’s 7750 SR-7s, an IP router platform offering high-port densities at both 10G and 100G interfaces, with software-defined network capabilities to enable quick and easy transitioning to 400G as capacity needs arise.

Nokia’s advanced routers will enable Windstream to support 5G interconnectivity and a tremendous growth in backbone traffic driven by an increase in mobility applications, video streaming, gaming and other high-capacity demands like remote working.

Nokia’s 7750 SR-7s routers are powered by highly programmable FP4 network processors designed to enable deterministic packet forwarding for consistent performance at full scale.

The 7750 SR-7s is a modular system and line card architecture with economic licensing and universal optical connectors to provide Windstream scalable system capacity and increased flexibility to optimize any network location for superior performance and a best-in-class subscriber experience.

The full core enhancement encompasses Windstream’s nationwide network, which Nokia and Windstream expect to complete by late 2021. Nokia and Windstream have implemented the first four network sites, located in Dallas, Chicago, Atlanta and most recently in Ashburn, Va. The fifth is scheduled for New York City and is expected to be completed by the end of this year.

While the project is only one-third complete, Nokia’s SR-7s routers have already proven their ability to meet Windstream’s core network requirements in the three live sites.

Windstream experienced a surge in network traffic during the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic, with some areas experiencing a 30 percent increase. With Nokia’s scalable routers in place, Windstream’s core network performed without interruption to its customers.

Buddy Bayer, chief network officer at Windstream, said: “Windstream is thrilled to work with Nokia for this next-phase national IP core build-out. We continue to see tremendous growth in network traffic and the need to deliver more throughput and higher capacity to our customers is critical.

“Building out this backbone with Nokia’s 400G-capable routers will allow us to stay ahead of our customers’ network needs.”

Ricky Corker, president of customer operations, Americas at Nokia, said: “Nokia is excited to enhance our longstanding relationship with Windstream and really put the power of our FP4 chipsets to work.

“Taking a lead in 400G technologies is paramount to Nokia’s focus, and giving higher levels of connectivity to Windstream’s wholesale customers, especially when so urgently needed throughout COVID-19, is a source of pride for us at Nokia.”

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