HITB Lockdown: Hands-on technical trainings coming next week!

HITB Lockdown 002 will feature a number of hands-on technical trainings, taking place July 20-23, 2020.

HITB Lockdown 002 trainings

2-day trainings

Advanced ICS Hacking
Trainer: Yamila Levalle (Security Researcher, Dreamlab Technologies), Sarka Pekarova (Security Researcher, Dreamlab Technologies).

From Zero to Hero: Pentesting and Securitization of Docker Swarm & Kubernetes Environments
Trainer: Sheila A. Berta (Head of Research, Dreamlab Technologies) & Sol Ozzan (Security Researcher, Dreamlab Technologies).

Practical Intro to Embedded Attack & Defense
Trainer: Lior Yaari (Founder, Imperium Security).

3-day trainings

Hacking Android,iOS and IoT apps by Example
Trainer: Abraham Aranguren (CEO, 7ASecurity), Abhishek J M (Security Trainer, 7ASecurity) & Anirudh Anand (Security Engineer, CRED / Security Trainer, 7ASecurity).

A Practical Approach to Malware Analysis and Memory Forensics
Trainer: Monnappa K A (Information Security Investigator, Cisco Systems).

In & Out – Network Exfiltration and Post-Exploitation Techniques [RED Edition]
Trainer: Leszek Miś (Founder, Defensive Security).

4-day trainings

Linux Heap Exploitation
Trainer: Dr Silvio Cesare (Managing Director, InfoSect).

Advanced Fuzzing & Crash Analysis
Trainer: Richard Johnson (Director of Security Research, Oracle Cloud Infrastructure).

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