Aureus Anvesa 3.0: Increasing the speed with which law firms can review large documents

Aureus Tech Systems, a digital transformation company that provides accelerated intelligent cloud and edge solutions, brings major new capabilities to its Anvesa eDiscovery platform for the legal profession.

Aureus has integrated its Anvesa 3.0 solution with Microsoft Azure and Azure AI to leverage key artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning capabilities to power new tools for legal professionals in their digital journey.

The updated Anvesa 3.0— set to launch July 15, 2020— now provides unsupervised machine learning and keyword extraction, features that vastly increase the speed with which law firms can review large documents and document troves.

Aureus’s heavy focus on research and development (R&D) makes it a pioneer in technological advancements. Aureus clients get leading technology and don’t have to absorb R&D costs and risks, because Aureus already has.

The company focuses on knowledge mining, document classification, document labeling, and obtaining key insights from the information in the text of documents, all to decrease manual efforts.

By using these capabilities, law workers no longer need to search within documents or read them one by one. Aureus takes unstructured data and processes it without the need for human intervention or additional staff using deep learning and neural networking.

While this technology can be used within any industry, one area Aureus is revolutionizing is the legal space through the company’s AI and cloud computing investments.

“When it comes to attorneys and paralegals finding answers and winning cases, time matters. It matters a lot. That’s why we’ve built a secure e-discovery platform that cuts through the clutter and delivers the right information to users fast,” said Shannon Reed, Vice President of Product Development for Aureus.

“Our excellent customer service and advanced technologies enable users to eliminate hours and hours of work.”

“We pride ourselves on always standing at the cutting edge of technology. We’ve made massive investments in data and AI, specifically around obtaining insights on huge volumes of unstructured data.

“Our intelligent cloud intellectual property and capability investments have allowed us to offer customers an elite e-discovery product without the elite cost,” explained Aureus CEO Sujata Bhattarai.

Using Azure AI services including Azure Machine Learning, Anvesa delivers an elite experience, from processing through early case assessment to review and analysis. The platform offers robust visualizations and analytics, so users can easily see their information in a digestible, meaningful way at any stage.

The solution allows users to see key insights faster than ever before and navigate the system seamlessly. Users can also ask questions via a chatbot powered by Azure Cognitive Services. Anvesa® is one of the only e-discovery platforms that delivers answers to users right away.

By using Anvesa 3.0, law firms can now count on unsupervised machine learning, backed by Azure Cognitive Services, Azure Data Bricks, and Python algorithms, to perform initial data auto-classification on large collections of documents.

Attorneys can save significant amounts of time by only focusing on topics of interest. Keyword extraction is also a big time-saver, allowing law workers to evaluate documents based on keywords, rather than reading full document texts.

“As the world goes through rapid digital transformation, we will see an exponential increase in the amount of unstructured data being produced, be it via unstructured communication like chat, IoT devices collecting huge amounts of data, or digital documents. A lot of insights will be hidden in this aggregation of raw data.

“The scalability of the Microsoft Azure cloud provides an effective way to collect and store the data—and Aureus’ R&D on knowledge mining can help attorneys and paralegals mine key insights from vast volumes of unstructured data without spending a lot of manual hours.

“We are building Anvesa not just for today; we’re also keeping the future in mind,” said Abhishek Pakhira, COO of Aureus and member of Forbes Technology Council.

Because Anvesa is built from the ground up using Microsoft Azure, it can fully integrate into an entire Microsoft 365 ecosystem, including information management, collection, preservation, and review processes.

This means that the integration and mapping of two different systems won’t cause any of the inefficiencies or issues that are often inherent in eDiscovery platforms. Anvesa® offers a secure, 360-degree holistic approach to eDiscovery with the power of an army of attorneys in one platform.

“Anvesa harnesses the power of Microsoft Azure AI solutions including Azure Cognitive Services and Azure Machine Learning to help users seamlessly find information critical to winning legal cases,” said Bharat Sandhu, Director, Product Marketing Azure AI, Microsoft.

“As a result, Anvesa offers customers efficient solutions to many of the eDiscovery issues the litigation space experiences today.”

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