Alvaro Ladoux joins Group-IB as new Business Development Manager for Spain and LATAM

Group-IB, a global threat hunting and intelligence company headquartered in Singapore, announces the appointment of Alvaro Ladoux as the company’s new Business Development Manager for the Spanish and LATAM markets.

The new designation is intended to further cement the company’s presence in the Spanish-speaking countries and facilitate the latters’ access to Group-IB’s high-fidelity intelligence, anti-APT and anti-fraud solutions.

Ladoux will be in charge of developing and managing accounts on the Spanish-speaking markets, executing the company’s sales strategy, and will guide end-customers on how to prevent cybercrimes in the Spanish-speaking world.

Alvaro, the new addition to the team, has over 10 years of working in the cybersecurity industry behind him and brings a broad experience of fostering partnerships with major international companies and regulatory bodies in banking, government, telecom and ecommerce sectors, gathered during his engagement with such giants as Logitech, Sony and VeriFone.

“Group-IB continues to develop exponentially year-on-year showing over 90-percent growth in international revenues,” comments Group-IB International Business Development Director Nicholas Palmer.

“As the global pandemic has made changes to the international business environment, our strategy to expand globally through local hires of client consultants as well as technical representatives has proven to be successful.

“This strategy of having local technical specialists is not only beneficial to establish communications channels with local law enforcement and intelligence specialists but also to take part in cyber threat intelligence trusted groups.

“Ladoux is an experienced executive who maintains relationships with anti-fraud bodies across Spanish-speaking markets and is a trusted advisor to financial services industry, telecommunications, government and e-commerce segments on how to stop cybercrimes from occurring.”

The new appointment comes at a point when Spanish-speaking markets are attracting growing attention of cybercriminals and fraudsters. Notably, last year, Group-IB evidenced the expansion of activities of notorious financially-motivated threat actor Silence to Latin America and a fraudulent Lotsy campaign targeting Spanish- and Italian-speaking users.

According to Group-IB’s annual threat report, last year, Spain was among the top targets for the operators of PC Trojans: the Spaniards were targeted by at least 6 PC Trojans, including the infamous Dridex, Loki PWS and Qbot.

Rapidly evolving and constantly widening threat landscape in the region requires cybersecurity solutions that will shield business from specific threats relevant to this or that industry, optimizing investment in cybersecurity.

This ideology is at the core of Group-B’s products that are adversary-centric and have profound understanding of attackers’ TTPs acquired in incident response operations and in cyber threat intelligence activities.

Group-IB’s ecosystem of products, which includes attribution-based Threat Intelligence system, anti-APT-solution Threat Detection System as well as solutions for the prevention of online fraud for banking, Secure Bank, and ecommerce, Secure Portal, incarnates a deterrent approach in cyber defense, not simply protecting against cyberattacks, but preventing them.

“I am delighted to join Group-IB team at the time when the company entered an active phase of its global development,” notes Group-IB Business Development Manager Alvaro Ladoux.

“Having clients worldwide, Group-IB has proved it has deep knowledge of cyberthreats relevant to each specific region, which renders its solutions adversary-centric and implies that they’re more effective.

“By leveraging my background in leading organizations through various stages of business growth, I look forward to making my contribution to Group-IB’s continuing efforts to protect clients in cyberspace.”

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