LogicGate adds Zapier to its Integrations Suite and 3 pre-built applications to Risk Cloud

LogicGate adds a Zapier integration to its Integrations Suite, and has expanded its Third-Party Risk Management and Information Security offerings with three additional pre-built applications. The announcement was made during LogicGate’s inaugural user conference, Agility.

“At the enterprise level, all digital systems must speak to each other, making integrations non-negotiable for any solution to be successfully adopted and implemented,” said Jon Siegler, chief product officer, LogicGate.

“We’re integrating with Zapier to meet our customers where they are because of its extensive power to integrate with the thousands of other applications enterprises use on a daily basis.

“As more organizations adopt risk-focused mindsets as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, we’re making it even easier to maintain governance, risk management and compliance with fewer clicks.”

For many companies, ensuring their tech stack communicates is the key to a smooth user experience and the automation of manual tasks. LogicGate’s Zapier integration opens the door to over two thousand commonly used business apps, such as Slack, Google Sheets, Jira and Zoom.

The integration links activity from Risk Cloud to these applications, creating custom business functions within their GRC programs.

In addition to a new integration, LogicGate is adding three new pre-built applications, Third-Party Risk Management: ISO 27001, Third-Party Risk Management: SIG Lite and Information Security: ISO 27005 to Risk Cloud.

All applications are richly built based on industry best practices for LogicGate users that would prefer more guidance in creating their GRC programs. The pre-built configurations can help organizations get their Third-Party Risk Management and InfoSec programs up-and-running more quickly.

The applications are the first of several more to come as LogicGate looks to continue to build a robust Risk Cloud application hub.

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