Snyk boosts prioritization capabilities to help development teams identify and fix critical vulns

Snyk has announced the significant enhancements to its prioritization capabilities, helping security and development teams automatically identify and fix the most critical vulnerabilities.

By giving developers the immediate priority scoring, deep application context, customizable security policies, and Snyk’s automated fix PRs, security teams can ensure their developers are fixing the most important open source and container vulnerabilities, as quickly as possible.

“Snyk’s prioritization helps us answer the critical questions: out of the limited time and resources we have, where do we focus our remediation activities to address the highest risk,” said Marcin Hoppe, Senior Manager of Product Security, Auth0.

Development and security teams today face an overwhelming volume of security vulnerabilities from multiple information channels, making it difficult to know where to start and how to tackle the highest risk issues.

Since teams simply cannot remediate each and every issue, they must prioritize their remediation efforts by identifying and addressing the vulnerabilities based on what matters most, maximizing limited time and resources, and ultimately strengthening the security posture of the organization.

To be effective, though, prioritization requires security expertise and deep context to inform accurate decisions. Snyk’s Prioritization capabilities offer the market a complete and intelligent solution that includes:

  • Instant prioritization: Accelerate triaging and remediation with baseline prioritization recommendations.
  • Deep application context: Prioritize vulnerabilities by using deep insight into how your applications are running.
  • Governance at scale: Manage prioritization more easily with automated and customized security policies.

“One of the challenges we face is knowing what to fix first and how to invest developer resources effectively,” said Oliver Crawford, Software Engineer, Skyscanner. “The prioritization data provided by Snyk dramatically helps us focus our team’s efforts and we look forward to expanding this new capability to even more developers across our organization.”

“We hear from customers of all sizes that prioritizing vulnerability remediation to accelerate developer productivity is a top priority,” said Peter McKay, Snyk CEO.

“By offering automated priority scoring, deep intelligence into the vulnerability and its potential risk, and customizable security thresholds, we are now able to give the developers the insight they need to continue to build and secure their applications in a way that saves hours of manual time and labor.”

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