BDO USA unveiled Athenagy, a business intelligence platform for managed services

BDO USA launched Athenagy, a proprietary business intelligence platform for legal professionals. This first-of-its-kind solution provides the legal department with transparency and critical insight throughout the litigation lifecycle.

Designed to integrate with a highly secure, customized Relativity®One environment, Athenagy helps legal professionals not just manage the business of e-discovery, but optimize it.

Intuitive dashboards provide visibility into where data resides and how it is used, from the moment a legal hold is initiated all the way through to analysis, review and production. Harnessing this data in a dashboard view gives legal professionals critical information to ultimately create better business outcomes.

“Athenagy solves persistent problems that legal departments face when it comes to managing their data. By providing transparency and detailed analytics throughout the data lifecycle, Athenagy is empowering legal professionals to make better, more informed decisions at every step of the e-discovery process, and beyond,” said Daniel Gold, managing director of BDO’s Managed Services practice. “Athenagy is the cornerstone of BDO’s approach to managed services. Where the traditional industry model just offers what we call ‘managed pricing’ instead of actual managed services, our focus is on driving impactful insights and solving real business problems.”

Key features include:

Transparency in the data lifecycle: Embedded analytics provide rich insights around the following critical areas: legal holds, collection and preservation, processing, early case assessment, hosting, review and production-level information.

Data utilization: Clients can access detailed information about their usage to compare against storage capacity.

Ticketing trend analysis: Clients get real-time reporting on who is submitting tickets, the number of tickets by matter, the categories of tickets being entered and the open-to-close ratio on each.

Trends on systems performance: Athenagy provides system-level information in Relativity®One to securely address the longstanding challenges around transparency, empowering legal teams to gain greater control over their environment.

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