BitDam releases scanner that detects phishing at first encounter

BitDam announced the availability of its new phishing scanner. This free URL scanner provides the cybersecurity community with the ability to check suspicious links, even the newest links that reputation and threat-intelligence solutions need time to identify, and detect phishing and malicious links with the press of a button.

Phishing attacks are the most common malware type. Their popularity is constantly increasing, in fact, phishing attempts accelerated with the onset of COVID-19. Phishing attacks are also becoming increasingly sophisticated, making it harder for traditional phishing detection solutions based on reputation and threat intelligence to identify them.

Using multiple sophisticated computer vision and AI algorithms, BitDam detects phishing attempts independent of previous knowledge and data. This unique approach has proven to detect the most sophisticated phishing campaigns at first encounter, from the moment they are created.

“We are seeing a real increase in phishing campaigns in the past year. In fact, phishing has become the top cybersecurity threat, more than ransomware or any other malware,” said Liron Barak, CEO, BitDam. “That’s because phishing attacks are much simpler to execute, and recently are more difficult to identify. In addition to including our unique phishing detection capabilities in BitDam’s Advanced Threat Protection solution, we are now launching this online scanner as a free tool for use by cybersecurity professionals.”

BitDam offers phishing detection and prevention as part of its Advanced Threat Protection solution for business collaboration platforms which includes protection for email, cloud drives, and Instant messaging, covering threats of any type hidden in files and links.

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