Spin Technology introduces Cyber Liability Insurance for SpinOne

Spin Technology introduced Cyber Liability Insurance for SpinOne. This additional offering provides a policy that new and existing SpinOne customers can acquire to provide additional protection for their organization.

Cyber liability insurance includes safeguards for businesses in the event that their organization is a victim of a cybercrime, which is not covered by traditional insurance offerings. A recent study found that 76 percent of U.S. businesses had experienced a cyberattack last year alone, making cyber liability insurance a smart investment for anyone hosting or exchanging data on the web.

“SpinOne provides industry-leading ransomware protection and backup of mission-critical data for G Suite and Office 365 enterprise organizations. However, we recognize that an organization’s digital footprint goes beyond just technical protection and prevention,” said Dmitry Dontov, Spin Technology’s Founder and CEO, “By adding an insurance option to our product portfolio, SpinOne provides an extra layer of protection that comes with legal help, financial help and crisis respond services for organizations that utilize cloud services.”

Spin’s Cyber Liability Insurance includes:

  • No additional paperwork or underwriting
  • $100,000 cyber liability insurance
  • $0 deductible
  • 24×7 breach crisis hotline
  • Breach crisis response services
  • Loss or damage to electronic data
  • Protection from: E Theft, Telecommunications Theft, Social Engineering Fraud

The Spin Cyber Liability offering is now available and current customers can immediately apply for their policies.

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