Google Cloud and AppViewX partner to secure digital identities

AppViewX announced its partnership with Google Cloud to support its newly announced Google Cloud Certificate Authority Service (CAS) with AppViewX’s Certificate Lifecycle Management and Automation product, CERT+.

This integration enables businesses to simplify deployment of private CAs, enabling end-to-end automation of enterprise infrastructure, DevOps and IoT.

Google Cloud and AppViewX’s integration primarily focuses on securing the growing number of digital identities with a robust and future-proof PKI system, allowing users to communicate with DevOps tools and CI/CD toolchains. This approach harnesses the power of a strong, cloud-hosted PKI and containerized end-to-end certificate management and automation platform to scale your PKI infrastructure, while reducing cost, time and dependency on niche skills.

“Google Cloud Certificate Authority Service is enterprise-ready, designed to scale private CAs efficiently, eliminating the need for high costs and deep technical expertise,” said Anoosh Saboori, Product Manager at Google Cloud. “Our integration with an active CLM solution like AppViewX helps our customers tap into their large pool of native integrations to ensure compatibility and ease of use. We are confident of the value this partnership is going to provide to our users who are looking for a more streamlined system to manage certificates across their private and public clouds.”

Google Cloud is globally trusted for its security, and delivers a highly scalable private CA that can rapidly issue certificates and facilitate key and certificate operations by integrating with FIPS-140-2 Level 3 compliant HSMs. It is also conducive to DevOps- and cloud-application use-cases by enabling integration via REST APIs. Teams can easily set up PKI from scratch using an easy wizard-based approach.

“AppViewX’s CERT+ equips enterprises with a powerful certificate management suite that integrates with several public CAs to automate key and certificate lifecycles,” said Murali Palanisamy, Chief Solutions Officer at AppViewX. “Google Cloud’s integration with AppViewX will empower new and existing customers to take advantage of Google Cloud Platform’s cutting-edge CA service as well as our next-gen CLM expertise to offer a scalable, secure and automated PKI solution.”

CERT+ is a certificate management suite, allowing for end-to-end automation of key and certificate lifecycles across multi-cloud and IoT environments. By providing extensive visibility and control over certificate infrastructures, it prevents outages caused by expired or vulnerable TLS / SSL certificates. In addition to automating certificate processes and monitoring environments, it also protects keys, delivers compliance, and allows for role-based self-servicing of PKI.

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