Windstream Enterprise fortifies SD-WAN with virtual NGFW

Windstream Enterprise released a new security feature to protect businesses from increasingly sophisticated threats to their network and their data.

Offered as part of its managed SD-WAN service, Windstream Enterprise’s new Virtual Network Function (VNF) Next-Generation Firewall (NGFW) gives businesses peace of mind that their networks are safe from attacks, out to the network edge, while also reducing the complexity associated with implementing a large-scale network security solution.

The VNF Firewall service expands upon Windstream Enterprise’s existing suite of best-in-class managed security services, including appliance and cloud-based offerings and is hosted on the same hardware component of the VMware SD-WAN by VeloCloud solution, namely VMware SD-WAN Edge.

As businesses move their networks to SD-WAN to easily connect branch offices and remote locations and enable optimal application performance across a cloud-enabled network, protecting the network edge becomes critical to maintaining the full network’s integrity. The new VNF software helps to deliver that edge security in the same form factor as the SD-WAN software.

“A security breach can be costly and damaging to brand reputation. Even a single incident can inflict long-lasting damage to a company’s reputation,” said Layne Levine, president at Windstream Enterprise. “This new VNF Firewall managed service gives CIOs another tool to secure the networks at all locations without having to endure the time-consuming process of installing and maintaining separate security hardware. Now staying a step ahead of ever-evolving cyber threats is simply a matter of adding the Firewall VNF to the SD-WAN edge.”

An additional benefit of Windstream Enterprise’s VNF is its ability to be co-managed and integrated via WE Connect, the award-winning network management portal that gives customers a single pane of glass to see all security, network, and voice service information as well as account detail.

“We have a tremendous number of managed SD-WAN locations deployed, which gives us unique insight into our customers’ network and security needs,” said Levine. “We’ll continue to innovate and invest in the network capabilities that enable their businesses to Thrive On.”

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