Cohesity DataPlatform now brings modern data management capabilities to all-flash solutions

Cohesity announced major software advancements to Cohesity DataPlatform that bring modern data management capabilities to powerful all-flash solutions from key alliance partners Cisco and HPE.

Cohesity DataPlatform now includes new I/O Boost technology that drives even greater data consolidation, lowers total cost of ownership (TCO), and delivers incredibly fast performance for backing up, accessing, and deriving insights from data in all-flash environments.

Today, many organizations are moving towards a diskless data center and embracing all-flash technology, thanks to its superior performance and decreasing price. IDC forecasts that the all-flash array market will grow at a 17.6% CAGR to $14.9 billion from 2017 to 2022, much faster than hybrid-flash and HDD-only segments.

However, as customers embrace all-flash architecture, the problem of how to eliminate data silos and protect, manage, and derive insights from data still remains.

Cohesity solves these challenges and empowers customers who are looking to extend all-flash to backup and recovery, file and object services, dev/test and analytics with a comprehensive data management solution optimized for all-flash. Powered by the new I/O Boost technology in Cohesity DataPlatform, the solution provides benefits that are unique in the industry.

  • Unmatched efficiency: Higher throughput and bandwidth capabilities of flash media combined with Cohesity’s superior and proprietary space savings technologies mean even fewer licensed nodes required to meet performance and usable capacity needs, making all-flash more cost-effective than ever before.
  • Exceptional performance: Realize 2x to 8x faster performance for backing up and accessing data compared to disk-based alternatives.
  • Accelerated workloads: Meet demanding service level agreements (SLAs) with flash-optimized performance that speeds data management tasks, particularly for faster metadata-intensive operations such as deduplication and replication, backing up of both small and very large (multi-terabyte) files alike.
  • Faster time-to-value: Achieve competitive advantages with faster data reuse, such as cloning backup or file and object data for dev/test or analytics without metadata bottlenecks. The solution also boosts performance for Cohesity Marketplace apps, particularly those with random I/O profiles, speeding up vulnerability scans using backup, anti-virus on files, information search, and content analysis on sensitive data.
  • Greater choice: Customers have the flexibility of choosing certified all-flash enterprise servers that suit their business needs, specifically Cisco UCS C220 M5, HPE ProLiant DL360 G10, Dell PowerEdge R640, and Intel Server System R1208WF.

“The Cohesity DataPlatform with I/O Boost makes flash even more affordable, while meeting increasingly demanding SLAs for backup, recovery, file and object services, and data insights,” said Matt Waxman, vice president of product management, Cohesity.

“There isn’t any other solution in the industry that provides complete, flash-optimized data management and is incredibly agile and efficient.”

Modern data management for the diskless data center

Through partnerships with Cisco and HPE, Cohesity brings enterprise-class all-flash data management to a wide-range of organizations in a cost-effective manner with flexible configuration options.

“The combination of Cohesity’s flash-optimized data management software and Cisco UCS opens up a new world of possibilities for customers looking to reap the benefits of all-flash for high-performance backup, recovery, scale-out NAS, and data insights,” said DD Dasgupta, vice president of product management, cloud and compute, Cisco.

“Together, Cisco and Cohesity can now further manage customers’ data requirements, with unified management and automation across Cisco HyperFlex and UCS.”

“Numerous organizations around the world have successfully leveraged HPE expertise to transition their primary storage to all-flash,” said Chris Powers, VP and GM, collaborative platform development, HPE Storage.

“HPE ProLiant DL360 Server for Cohesity DataPlatform now allows organizations to also transition other data and applications to all-flash, and do so with the world’s most secure industry-standard server as the foundation.

“HPE and Cohesity together are enabling organizations to optimize their data protection approach, increase dev/test agility, and enhance compliance with NVMe all-flash and I/O Boost.”

Unleashing new data management capabilities for the modern enterprise

Customers are excited about the benefits of the Cohesity DataPlatform with I/O Boost technology.

“Cohesity’s all-flash data management comes at the perfect time. It will enable us to meet the most stringent recovery SLAs, especially critical for quickly restoring from an outage or cyberthreats,” said Simon Mason, Head of Design and Platforms at Suffolk County Council.

“Cohesity already provides industry-leading space efficiency and consolidation across backup and NAS use cases, and we look forward to experiencing even faster performance and improved ROI from the combination of all-flash media and Cohesity I/O Boost.”

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