Tempered 2.2.8 software: Enhanced flexibility and management of secure networks

Tempered announced new hardware and software designed to protect data, applications, and devices across on-premise, remote, and cloud environments.

The new version 2.2.8 software split tunnel includes improved user onboarding, Alibaba Cloud support, high-availability and performance enhancements, and other improvements. Also announced and available immediately is the Airwall 110-Series.

Tempered’s new 110-Series hardware gateway is ideal for distributed edge deployments where secure connectivity and remote access are needed. The 110e supports ethernet, while the 110g includes support for cellular modems for truly last-mile connectivity.

Both can be deployed to protect, connect, and manage devices at the IoT edge or inside an operational technology (OT) environment. Key examples include critical infrastructure plants, temporary COVID-19 testing and blood donation sites, election locations and newly distributed enterprises as a result of the pandemic.

Airwall uses the industry’s only truly native zero-trust approach to enable microsegmented, secure networking for important network assets by making them invisible to unauthorized users such as insider threats, external bad actors, and even nation states – while enabling authorized users to connect to the ‘things’ they need from anywhere in the world.

Protecting critical infrastructure is vital given that 7 out of 10 breaches in 2019 were perpetrated by external actors, according to the Verizon 2020 DBI Report. Plus, during the COVID-19 period, cybercrime has quadrupled, the healthcare industry is seeing a rise in patient data hacks, and there have been multiple attacks on electricity grids, water systems and energy organizations. Tempered’s enhanced technology can help proactively defend against these growing threats.

Airwall’s Software-Defined Perimeter (SDP) makes network-based attacks a thing of the past and extends secure connectivity to cloud, multi-cloud, virtual, physical and edge environments. It delivers a cost-effective, quick to deploy, and scalable solution that dramatically reduces cyber-risk and shrinks the network attack surface.

Tempered’s platform doesn’t require a rip and replace approach for existing network security infrastructure. Airwall can be deployed on top of any existing network.

Eli Daniel, network administrator for the City of Meridian, Idaho, recently said, “It’s just so easy. The solution is unparalleled in how quickly it can scale and securely network our critical infrastructure.”

With these enhancements to Tempered’s Airwall platform, organizations with enterprise IoT, critical infrastructure and operational technology can now enable true zero-trust environments with unbreakable micro-segmentation and secure access.

“Tempered offers the first truly native zero-trust secure networking solution that can span any environment and make entire networks invisible to hackers and threats,” explained Jeff Hussey, CEO of Tempered. “Our new hardware and software extend these capabilities from the core to the cloud, all the way to the last-mile at the edge.”

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