Buurst SoftNAS is now available in the Microsoft Azure Marketplace

Buurst announced the availability of its flagship product, SoftNAS, in the Microsoft Azure Marketplace, an online store providing applications and services for use on Azure. Buurst customers can now take advantage of the productive and trusted Azure cloud platform, with streamlined deployment and management.

“Through our solutions, we strive to provide our customers with better application performance, lower cloud storage costs, and the control they need,” said Garry Olah, CEO of Buurst. “The availability of our SoftNAS product in the Microsoft Azure Marketplace enables us to offer these key benefits to a wider range of organizations.”

Buurst is dedicated to delivering new levels of data performance, control and availability to position businesses to move, access and leverage data quickly.

The company and its innovative solutions offer impressive levels of performance in the cloud, having reached 1 million input/output operations per second (IOPS), and provide a patented cross-zone, high-availability with a 99.999 percent uptime guarantee, giving customers true control over their data in the cloud.

Buurst’s flagship product, SoftNAS, offers customers control by providing the resources required to develop a new environment and enabling businesses to apply the configuration variables they need to get the maximum performance for petabytes of data on Azure.

Additionally, businesses can significantly reduce the cost of cloud storage through SoftNAS’ optimization of Azure’s premium and standard managed disk storage, as well as leveraging its deduplication, compression and tiering capabilities. SoftNAS optimizes data performance while keeping costs in check for businesses.

Sajan Parihar, senior director, Microsoft Azure Platform at Microsoft Corp., said, “We’re pleased to welcome Buurst to the Microsoft Azure Marketplace, which gives our partners great exposure to cloud customers around the globe. Azure Marketplace offers world-class quality experiences from global trusted partners with solutions tested to work seamlessly with Azure.”

The Azure Marketplace is an online market for buying and selling cloud solutions certified to run on Azure. The Azure Marketplace helps connect companies seeking innovative, cloud-based solutions with partners who have developed solutions that are ready to use.

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