deepwatch and Red8 partner to help businesses safely transition to the cloud

deepwatch announced its partnership with Red8 to provide medium and large enterprises with cloud based cyber security solutions.

“COVID-19 has forced our customers to accelerate their transition to the cloud by 3 to 4 years,” said Brandon Kaier, Red8 Field CTO.

“The problem is that Chief Information Security Officers and their teams don’t have the time to think about the security ramifications of transitioning to the cloud. Our customers are hungry to consume new technologies in a secure and responsible way.

“We needed a partner, deepwatch, who could provide our customers with the cyber security capabilities that provide our customers with the confidence that they remain safe during their transition.”

“Most businesses haven’t caught up their security practice with what is needed to secure the open security perimeter in our new work from home environment,” explained Corey Bodzin, deepwatch CTO.

“Our services are cloud-based. We are thrilled to work with Red8 customers to secure their businesses while Red8 transitions their customers to the cloud and deploy zero trust models.”

The Red8 and deepwatch partnership allows businesses to take advantage of end-to-end cloud and cyber security expertise that meets their security needs as they transition to the cloud and to the new business normal that COVID-19 is driving.

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