Unity launches enterprise-grade CDN

Unity’s Cloud Content Delivery connects an enterprise-grade Content Delivery Network (CDN) into Unity and other game engine clients to provide a managed, convenient, and cost-effective live game service option that enables developers to get the right content to the right users, at the right time.

Aimed at simplifying costs, keeping app size down, and providing scale to small and large studios alike, this enterprise-grade offering is available today to try out with no commitment.

A full end-to-end solution for storing, managing, and deploying content releases, Cloud Content Delivery was built so that developers are empowered to run games as services as efficiently as possible, while consistently keeping players engaged.

“A game’s success depends on several factors, not least of which is player engagement and the ability to deliver fresh content to players, which enhances the experience and keeps them coming back for more,” said Felix Thé, Vice President of Product Management, Operate Solutions, Unity.

“Our Cloud Content Delivery service keeps the focus on creating the best experience for players. This comprehensive, reliable solution for game content management and delivery simplifies the release process and eliminates the needs to cobble together various systems to deliver a similar result.”

Unity’s Cloud Content Delivery service, connects into any game engine client, combining the attributes of a cloud-based Gaming Backend as a Service (Baas) and the distribution entity of a CDN. Cloud Content Delivery was made to manage and deliver 2D and 3D content globally. As with all of Unity’s Operate solutions, the service is engine-agnostic, providing integration benefits for Unity users while remaining reliable and fully manageable, no matter what engine was used to power the game.

“The biggest resource you have as a developer is the creativity derived from your team,” added Thé. “Cloud Content Delivery can scale to handle multiple titles and updates between technical and non-technical team members, ensuring that you can accelerate your release launch, reserving focus for the overall game experience, and the next iteration in the creative process.”

Pricing with Unity’s Cloud Content Delivery service is also transparent, with no hidden costs or fees. Pricing charges are for egress download volume only, at the same price globally. Unity is also offering a free trial for up to 50GB monthly, which allows studios to get up and running, not paying anything until games scale in production.

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