Datadog unveils support for distributed tracing for AWS Step Functions via AWS X-Ray

Datadog announced support for distributed tracing for AWS Step Functions via AWS X-Ray. This new functionality will help engineering and product teams that rely on AWS Step Functions gain deeper visibility into the performance of critical business workflows built in AWS Lambda environments on Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Businesses use AWS Step Functions to express their core workflows in a serverless fashion; from video transcoding to Extract Transform Load (ETL) jobs to build systems, complex tasks become manageable and scalable.

Datadog’s integration with AWS X-Ray brings end-to-end distributed tracing and log correlation to these workflows. Equipped with this, developers finally have visibility into orchestrated serverless workflows in each step as well as through the entire process.

“Serverless architectures have simplified the way organizations operate and scale applications in the cloud,” said Ilan Rabinovitch, Vice President, Product & Community at Datadog.

“With over half of Datadog’s customers on AWS adopting serverless technologies such as AWS Lambda and AWS Step Functions, visibility into these workloads has become critical to understanding the health of their businesses.

“Support for monitoring of AWS Step Functions demonstrates our continued commitment to enable customers to fully leverage the rapidly growing ecosystem of new cloud services.”

“AWS Step Functions have become a critical part of our business as the way we built our unique serverless video transcoding to make on-demand video editing possible,” said Billy Shambrook, Staff Site Reliability Engineer at cloud-based video collaboration platform

“With Datadog’s new distributed tracing integration, we can now pinpoint errors in an AWS Step Function execution and see our logs in the same place, allowing us to resolve issues faster and ensure the performance of our critical serverless applications.”

“We are delighted to see Datadog’s monitoring platform extend to support distributed tracing for AWS Step Functions with AWS X-Ray,” said Usman Khalid, Director AWS Events/Brokers, at Amazon Web Services, Inc.

“Organizations are increasingly using AWS Step Functions to solve the differentiating problems at the core of their businesses, from video transcoding to machine learning. Distributed tracing brings business context to these key workflows, and we’re excited to work with Datadog to bring this visibility into next-gen serverless applications with their support for AWS X-Ray.”

Monitoring AWS Step Functions is included as part of Datadog Serverless Monitoring, which provides engineering teams with end-to-end visibility across their serverless infrastructure by bringing together correlated metrics, traces, and logs.

Developers now have access to full end-to-end distributed tracing for their AWS Step Function executions, and the ability to correlate runtime logs to pinpoint the root cause of issues during execution.

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