Flowmon ADS 11: Helping security teams reduce manual workloads without sacrificing control

Flowmon Networks announced the general availability of Flowmon ADS 11. The latest version brings superior UX, massive performance increase, noise-free incident understanding, and reporting across all environments to help security teams to reduce manual workloads without sacrificing control.

Security is a key enabler of business operations and thus a top priority for the CIOs of today. However, a new trend emerges due to remote enablement and technology shifts towards mobile, cloud, and IoT, challenging traditional security tools and creating a new attack surface. This poses a challenge for security chiefs to protect business assets properly.

Flowmon ADS 11 has been redesigned to become an ultimate blind-spot killer, delivering actionable visibility to align cybersecurity with ever-changing business needs

“People’s ability to rule every network regardless of its complexity and nature is critical to Flowmon’s mission. Flowmon ADS 11 represents a significant achievement along this way. It reflects our dedication to making network detection and response faster, easier and even more reliable,” says Petr Springl, VP of Product and Engineering at Flowmon Networks.

“We have continued to revisit every aspect of ADS’s design to bring instant business value and be a true partner to every competent security specialist.”

Flowmon Anomaly Detection System (ADS) provides a wide spectrum of detection methods that analyze network traffic from multiple perspectives to counter several categories of malicious behavior. ADS’s engine uses a combination of machine learning, heuristics, statistical, policy, and signature-based methods.

With Flowmon ADS, businesses can complement conventional security tools and create a multi-layered protection system capable of uncovering threats at every stage of compromise, including malicious behaviors, attacks against mission-critical applications, data breaches, and a spectrum of indicators of compromise.

What’s new in Flowmon ADS 11:

  • New robust stream architecture handles a significantly larger volume of traffic. A single ADS engine on a single appliance can analyze up to 100K flows per second for suspicious anomalies. Multiple appliances can be deployed to scale up.
  • Improved detection methods bring even more reliable detection. Many detection methods have been revised and redesigned for faster and more accurate detection.
  • Streamlined situational awareness speeds up response. Improved detailed interpretation of detected events in Event Details, followed by an explanation of the principle of detection and the possible root cause of the event.
  • Enhanced user experience – dashboard and reporting is now done centrally to consolidate the information from all the modules and make it easier to understand. New widgets to indicate overall security status and a new default dashboard tab for SecOps is provided out of the box.

Localized into six world languages, Flowmon ADS is used by businesses and organizations all over the world including national cybersecurity agencies, financial institutions, manufacturing companies and internet service providers.

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