RackWare streamlines multi-cloud migration, and disaster recovery services for Kubernetes

RackWare is expanding its offering to allow businesses to easily migrate to and protect containers in the cloud. RackWare’s new Kubernetes offering, SWIFT, augments RackWare’s industry leading server migration and disaster recovery solutions, enabling the movement of containers from on-premise to the cloud, and from cloud-to-cloud.

The introduction of SWIFT rounds out a comprehensive cloud mobility and protection solution for both production and development environments.

“We are pleased to introduce this important Kubernetes capability to our existing robust feature set,” says Todd Matters, Chief Technology Officer at RackWare.

“Kubernetes is an increasingly important element of datacenter IT and extending support for both migration and disaster recovery in our portfolio is exciting. We are entertaining a limited number of Beta deployments in the near term and will go full GA in Q4.”

RackWare SWIFT addresses multiple challenges in the rapidly expanding Kubernetes market:

  • On-premise deployments transitioning to the cloud
  • Minimization of downtime during migration/cutover
  • Storage incompatibilities contributing to vendor lock-in
  • Transformation to PaaS
  • Container version/format incompatibilities inhibiting cross-platform mobility

With RackWare SWIFT, clients have the freedom to choose any target cloud or platform technology regardless of existing platform constraints. As a result, businesses realize the advantages that cloud offers including simpler deployment, reduced maintenance and greater scalability.

The solution supports all the major Kubernetes offerings from the leading cloud service providers, including Oracle (OKE), Azure (AKS), Google (GKE), AWS (EKS), and IBM/Openshift.

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