NXLog Enterprise Edition 5.1: Providing capabilities to further harden enterprises’ security

NXLog announces the first minor release in the new major version of NXLog Enterprise Edition, NXLog Enterprise Edition version 5.1 (EE 5.1).

Even though it is a minor release, it is very significant, because along with EE 5.0, NXLog is now filling its new passive network monitoring module with additional protocol parsers focused on Industrial Control Systems.

NXLog Enterprise Edition now supports passive network monitoring on Windows systems in addition to Linux and macOS, allowing greater visibility into what is happening on the network.

Combined with the added support for industrial control protocols such as BacNet, Profinet and Modbus, the NXLog Enterprise Edition provides capabilities for hardening enterprises’ security further.

Some of the new features:

  • Added protocol parser for BACNET
  • Improved handling of complex data in MODBUS packets
  • Added protocol parser for PROFINET
  • Packaged im_pcap – the passive network monitor module for Windows
  • Started shipping individually signed packages on Debian

This release opens the door for exploring NXLog Enterprise’s Edition’s monitoring features in industrial environments and it further positions NXLog as the log collection agent of choice for MSSPs, SIEMs, and Log Management suites across Windows, Linux and Unix platforms, and containers, among many others.

With these features, as well as the expert support NXLog is known for, NXLog Enterprise Edition 5.1 will be an invaluable tool in the hands of any organization with networking needs to deal with security risks, auditing needs, furthering regulatory restrictions, and usage data analysis.

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