Respond Software adds 23 partners, opens competitive strength for security operations with XDR Engine

Respond Software announced strong momentum for its partner program with the addition of 23 VAR and MSP/MSSP partners reaching more than 100 customers.

As the first and only vendor-agnostic XDR solution on the market, the Respond Analyst opens a new competitive strength for channel partners to quickly respond to the distinct needs of security operations centers (SOC) – regardless of industry, the complexity of operations, or company size.

The Respond Analyst uses Integrated Reasoning along with built-in data science models to identify attack scenarios, such as lateral movement, and in real-time, maps potential incidents directly to the MITRE ATT&CK framework right from the interface.

Integrated Reasoning also gives partners the power to confidently use the data collected from existing security tools — including EDR, EPP and Network IPS — regardless of vendor, to accelerate cybersecurity investigations.

Companies of all sizes face expanding volumes of data from their security controls and sensors. A midsize enterprise, for example, can average more than 60 million security-related events per week.

By adding the Respond Analyst XDR Engine to its portfolio, an MSSP can monitor and investigate more alerts automatically, enabling its limited staff to focus on vetted potential incidents that are escalated.

Tapping into security operations best practices at speed and scale, the Respond Analyst XDR Engine is a unique and proven offering to the market which generates immediate business value.

George Vukcevich, Chief Revenue Officer, Respond Software, said: “The problems in cybersecurity monitoring cannot be mediated with the disparate solutions of the day. There are far too many security analysts left staring at screens.

“Overwhelmed with the volume of alerts, many don’t see the light of day while most are false positives that hamper the speed and context needed to aid in cybersecurity investigations. Our partners understand this challenge well.

“We can report with confidence the embrace of Respond Analyst as we shift into the XDR category is an outstanding indicator that our proven approach is on target to make a difference for our partners and customers.”

This growing network of partners will help drive enterprise adoption of the Respond Analyst and quickly capitalize on the burgeoning market for XDR solutions.

Travis Abrams, founder and CEO of CyberPeak Solutions, said: “When it comes to delivering solutions for the SOC, it is critical to our success as an MSSP and reseller to provide solutions that play well with other tools in the environment so that we can get customers up and running fast.

“The Respond Analyst provides a needed roadmap right out-of-the-box to apply context and advanced data science models – it is exactly what we need. XDR is no longer a question of when, but how soon? We are well-positioned to provide enhanced solutions for enterprises by partnering with Respond Software.”

John Iacone, Founder and CEO, IIS, noted: “The updates to the Respond Analyst further enhances the value we can jointly deliver to customers. IIS sets a new standard by offering a flexible portfolio of options that better position enterprises to secure their businesses for long-term success. Through the Respond Analyst, an XDR Engine, we continue to help our clients ensure trusted, secure and dynamic security operations.”

Murray Benadie, MD of Zenith Systems in South Africa, confirms: “The Respond Analyst, an XDR Engine, is a critical element in the fight to stay ahead of the cyber-threats faced by our customers.

“The volume and complexity of alerts generated by siloed tools, coupled with the dire shortage of skilled staff positions the Respond Analyst as the force multiplier for our customers in identifying the ever-evolving threats that they face and provides them with the evidence to respond to and contain these threats.”

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