Honeywell launches Honeywell Secure Media Exchange to protect against malicious USB attacks

Honeywell announces the launch of Honeywell Secure Media Exchange (SMX) R201.1, an enterprise software offering to better protect users from advanced malware and firmware-based cybersecurity attacks from USB drives and other removable media.

Honeywell SMX can help organizations reduce cybersecurity risk and operational disruption through advanced threat detection capability for operating environments including those in critical infrastructure.

“We are excited to expand Honeywell SMX as an enterprise security solution to include hardware device management with our TRUST V2 [Trusted Response User Substantiation Technology],” said Jeff Zindel, vice president and general manager, Honeywell Connected Enterprise Cybersecurity.

“This TRUST V2 technology allows a user to confirm a device during the authentication stage, validating that a USB device is legitimate. Honeywell SMX improves security for industrials and organizations across industries by providing increased safety, improved efficiency, better visibility and management, and more control over hardware devices. Overall, it can help greatly reduce the risk of downtime and production interruptions due to cyberattacks.”

Honeywell SMX now includes an Enterprise Threat Management Portal to give users a view of all USB device activity across the organization, with the additional ability to implement file management features while centralizing reporting.

In a time when more employees are working remotely, Honeywell SMX provides better control and visibility to detect potential sources of intrusions. It also increases the safety of patches or updates while simultaneously improving their efficiency.

All patches and updates can be validated prior to arrival at the facility, speeding up scan times and allowing operators to complete their work faster and safer than ever before.

“It’s not only removable media and malware that we need to worry about. USB devices of all types have become an increasingly serious risk to organizations, capable of crossing the air gap and targeting OT,” said Eric Knapp, director of Cybersecurity Research and Senior Fellow, Honeywell Connected Enterprise, Cybersecurity.

“Honeywell SMX provides customers with an enforceable USB security solution that better protects against all types of USB threats, from hardware attack platforms to the latest targeted malware.”

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