Mimecast selects Smartsheet to drive strategic enterprise initiatives across its org

Smartsheet announced Mimecast has selected Smartsheet to drive strategic enterprise initiatives across its organization, digitally transform its processes and better service its global customer base.

“Digital transformation has become a key priority for our organization as we continue to grow and scale our solution,” said Phil Yennaco, Director Enterprise Project Management Office at Mimecast.

“We turned to Smartsheet to give our teams the structure and scalability needed to execute on strategic initiatives that would enhance our customer experience and move our business forward.”

As more companies leverage the leading SaaS security solution, Mimecast looked to scale its strategic enterprise initiatives but needed to develop a standardized process to increase overall efficiency and speed.

Today, Mimecast uses Smartsheet to manage, track and execute ongoing strategic initiatives by streamlining processes and collaboration across departments. Smartsheet’s capabilities also provide the company’s executive team with visibility into the ongoing projects, progress status, and key success metrics.

“Innovation is a necessity as we continue to arm our customers with an enterprise-grade security platform and driving effective strategic initiatives that transform and grow our business is a critical part of this,” said Mark Bilbe, Chief of Staff at Mimecast.

“Smartsheet’s intuitive platform gives our executive team the real-time visibility and insights needed to understand the exact status of our organization-wide strategic initiatives to make informed business decisions and drive business innovation.”

“Mimecast’s drive to continue evolving and innovating has made them a leader in their industry,” said Gene Farrell, Chief Product Officer at Smartsheet. “Smartsheet provides their team with a dynamic platform that supports this drive by creating efficiencies and empowering employees to grow and evolve their business.”

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