Reciprocity ZenGRC Risk Management helps manage risk posture and increase overall security

Reciprocity announced new capabilities within ZenGRC Risk Management. When it comes to risk management, remediating and controlling vulnerabilities proactively is a great way to reduce the likelihood that risks will occur in the first place.

ZenGRC combines risk and compliance management to allow customers to identify, monitor, and mitigate risks. Expanding on the ZenGRC core risk functionality, customers now gain a powerful new set of tools in their efforts to manage risks and mitigate business exposure.

This ZenGRC Risk insight release delivers innovative Benchmark Reporting, giving customers competitive insights on their compliance and risk programs as compared with their peers and the larger market.

Benchmark Reporting was designed to give CISOs deeper information on not only how they are doing, but if their results are good enough and how to improve on their risk and compliance posture post-audit or risk assessment. This enhanced insight will offer a look at best practices and the most effective Risk Controls to implement.

This release also includes expanded workflow capabilities simplifying automation of activities and customization of workflows. Additionally, significant reporting enhancements allow greater customization enabling quicker calculation results for multiple objects.

“Reciprocity is committed to working with our customers to deliver a solution that helps them understand, operationalize, visualize, and prioritize risks to their business,” said Scott Nash, Vice President of Product at Reciprocity.

“With ZenGRC, we’ve delivered a robust risk management solution, helping CISOs stay ahead of ever-evolving security threats and giving them the critical information they need to accept, mitigate, transfer or avoid risk.”

ZenGRC Risk insight is available immediately. ZenGRC helps companies from all vertical markets, particularly those facing strict governance and compliance standards and complex risk management, and has seen rapid growth and adoption across mid-market and enterprise organizations in technology and technology-enabled industries.

ZenGRC provides exceptional value, including best-in-class time to value and total cost of ownership, with a flexible platform that fits unique program requirements, pre-loaded with content and templates, and white-glove onboarding from our team of industry experts.

Current customers can contact their customer success manager, and access educational materials at ZenUniversity.

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