Rambus IPsec Packet Engine secures 5G network traffic at data rates from 1 to 10 Gbps

Rambus announced the availability of a high-performance IPsec Packet Engine with integrated DPDK and companion key negotiation toolkit capable of securing 5G network traffic at data rates from 1 to 10 Gbps.

A complete IPsec solution, the packet engine can be easily integrated into SoCs for a broad range of 5G devices from base stations and cloud, to gateways and end devices. This new engine is optimized to support the required protocols up to 10 Gbps with the most efficient footprint.

5G offers ten times the throughput and one hundred times the capacity of 4G networks. This increased jump in performance is enabled through more powerful devices, software-defined networking and application virtualization. All of these create greater complexity and higher demands on network processors and CPUs with the impact of greater latency.

Offloading cryptographic operations to a dedicated IPsec Packet Engine streamlines processing and enables network traffic to be moved securely at line rate. Along with IPsec, for base stations and gateways, the solution has configurations that allow simultaneous IPsec, 3GPP and TLS processing on the packet engine.

“A host of new real-time applications are possible with the speed and bandwidth of 5G networks,” said Neeraj Paliwal, vice president and general manager, Rambus Security. “By anchoring security in hardware with our new IPsec Packet Engine, data on 5G networks can flow at full speed and be safeguarded from attack.”

Benefits of the Rambus IPsec Packet Engines:

  • Secures 5G network traffic with IPsec protocol at data rates from 1 to 10 Gbps. For the core and cloud server, Rambus offers dedicated high-end solutions for MACsec and IPsec.
  • Provides complete solution with integrated DPDK and companion key negotiation tool kit.
  • Supports 3GPP, PDCP, TLS, SSL, DTLS, IPsec protocols, as well as a broad portfolio of NIST-compliant algorithms. As an option, the packet engine can be enhanced with country-specific security targeting SoCs for the global market, satisfying specific regional requirements.
  • Backed by renowned Rambus security expertise and support.
  • Easily integrates into SoCs designed for 5G base stations, cloud network devices, gateways and end point devices.
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