HITBCyberWeek virtual trainings: Mobile hacking, secure coding, bug hunting

The virtual edition of the HITBCyberWeek 2020 security conference starts on November 15. For four days, attendees will be able to hear keynotes and presentations from experts such as Bruce Schneier, Paul Vixie, and many others.

HITBCyberWeek 2020 virtual trainings

Simultaneously (and as per usual), those in search for specific cyber security knowledge and effective exercises can opt for one of the virtual trainings that have been scheduled to take place.

HITBCyberWeek 2020 trainings on offer

This year’s trainings cover a range of current topics.

There are easier, high-level intro courses on the topic of 5G security – 5G Security Awareness and TS-501 5G Telecom Security Hands-Onmobile hacking and practical malware analysis.

Two of the courses have been customized especially for HITBCyberWeek:

For those interested in advanced courses or more specialized content, there’s the:

Finally, there’s a 4-day course for those interested in Advanced Fuzzing and Crash Analysis led by Richard Johnson, and 2-day course on bug hunting by Dawid Czagan.

Interactive quizzes, collective exercises and practical assessments

Classes are via livestream, with virtual lab environments and structured through a learning management system.

With the new virtual format, HITB trainers are incorporating more interactive quizzes, collective exercises and practical assessments into their courses that will help trainees engage better with the content and with each other. This will also help to understand better whether trainees have effectively gained the skills they sought from their course.

All trainees will receive digital certs corresponding to their course choice, with additional badges awarded for completion of practical tests and quizzes.

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