NortonLifeLock Privacy Monitor Assistant helps consumers reclaim control of their PI

On a mission to help consumers reclaim control of their online privacy, NortonLifeLock unveiled Privacy Monitor Assistant, a new white-glove service, to help consumers fight back against data brokers sharing your personal information.

Data brokers, companies that collect and sell consumers’ personal information, can collect and profit from the extensive information they compile, such as home addresses, phone numbers, employment information, social profiles and court records. Having personal information exposed leaves consumers vulnerable to identity theft.

With the right combination of personal information, identify thieves can cobble together what they need to impersonate someone and wreak financial havoc.

“Online privacy is a critical aspect of Cyber Safety,” said Vincent Pilette, CEO, NortonLifeLock.

“Consumers are managing unprecedented privacy incursions, and unfortunately, once your information is online, it can be incredibly difficult to remove. With our privacy offerings, Norton Secure VPN, PC SafeCam, and now, Privacy Monitor Assistant, we continue to arm consumers with the tools they need to reclaim control of their online privacy and defend against identity theft.”

“With so much personal information readily available online today, it has never been more important to proactively protect your online privacy and identity,” said Gagan Singh, chief product officer, NortonLifeLock.

“Privacy Monitor Assistant helps automate and take the guesswork out of getting your personal information removed from the internet. We’ll make it easy to start reclaiming control of your personal data.”

In the 2019 NortonLifeLock Cyber Safety Insight Report, a study conducted by NortonLifeLock in partnership with The Harris Poll, U.S. consumers expressed concerns about how and where their personal information is showing up online.

Top concerns about data privacy include personal information being exposed in a data breach and compromised by cybercriminals (52%) and sensitive personal information being sold to third parties and used in decision-making processes without their consent (43%).

Privacy Monitor Assistant helps give consumers more control over their digital safety so they can make decisions about their personal information and online privacy.

Privacy Monitor Assistant builds on Privacy Monitor, a feature of select Norton 360 and LifeLock plans that scans popular data broker websites for customers’ personal information and provides them with guidance on how to opt-out.

The availability of Privacy Monitor Assistant as an add-on annual subscription service helps make online privacy protection easier with NortonLifeLock doing the work to request opting out with the data brokers on the customer’s behalf.

Privacy Monitor Assistant is available as an add-on subscription service with select Norton 360 and LifeLock plans for $99 per year or as a single-use service for $49.

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